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    Thread: ModBargains||Forgestar Wheels - Everything you need to know!

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      Jan 26th, 2012
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      02-21-2012 02:28 PM #1
      Due to our extremely close relationship with Forgestar, I can offer you the best service possible with your Forgestar Wheel Order.
      Forgestar's offices are just 15 minutes from us and I am in contact with them on a daily basis.

      For this reason, I wanted to make a thread to keep you guys updated with all the new releases, options, and photos!

      First off:

      Rotary Forging
      The Forgestar lineup utilizes a combination of the best methods of forging and casting methods both in the same wheel. This is called rotary forging, and is used by companies such as BBS and Enkei. These wheels are custom made to order and can be made to fit your Audi with a large range of available sizes, offsets and finishes.

      Rotary Forging is a production procedure that turns the wheel (or rim section) over a special mandrel and three hydraulic rollers using tremendous pressure. The pressure and turning then force the rim area to form against the mandrel, creating the shape and width of the rim. During flow forming, the rim actually "flows" down to create the full rim width. During flow forming, pressure applied to the cast rim actually changes its mechanical properties, so its strength and impact values become similar to those of a forged rim. That translates to up to 15% less weight when compared to a standard cast wheel.

      This technology allows for increased bend resistance without having to make the wheel heavier.

      Take a look at this video to see how Forgestar wheels are made and finished!






      F14F(2-Piece wheel)

      Finishes Available:

      Turnaround time
      Because Forgestar Wheels are all made to order, with custom offsets and finishes, average turnaround time on an order is 6-8 weeks.

      If you are interested contact me at Jason@ModBargains.com or 714.582.3330 x8005 , make sure to ask for Jason and I can go into pricing and Audizine Specials in further detail with you!

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      Jan 26th, 2012
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      02-21-2012 02:28 PM #2
      Forgestar Tracking
      To address customer concerns regarding the production time on the wheels, Forgestar has very recently implemented an order tracking system!
      Now you can check on your Forgestar order the same way you can check on your pizza delivery!
      You simply log in and you can follow your order's status from "Sourcing Material" to Machining/Finishing/Quality Control/Shipped!
      Wonder no more where your wheels are in the manufacturing process!

      New Custom Finishes Available!

      (Available at an additional cost)

      Forgestar has very recently brought back their extremely popular Brushed finish!
      These finishes are available while supplies last on their CF5 and F14 barrels!
      Take a look here:

      Custom Brushed Black F14 Powdercoated

      Custom Brushed Charcoal F14 Powdercoated

      (Their most original popular finish, was discontinued, but brought back w/ a 2-stage powdercoat)

      Bronze Burst

      Black Graphite

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      Jan 26th, 2012
      La Habra
      02-21-2012 02:34 PM #3
      Some customer cars, looking for more VWs!

      Customer Cars!

      19x10 Bronze Burst on a B8 A4

      Quote Originally Posted by K1_Builder View Post
      Thanks!!! If it weren't for you I would have never known of the color to begin with!!! I really appreciate all of your help and cooperation through this entire process. As mentioned before, anyone looking for wheels I will send your way. Cheers.

      19x9.5 CF5 in Gloss Gunmetal on B8 A4 Avant

      I recently had a customer come in for a 19x9.5 Forgestar CF5 install.
      The customer had some very specific clearance requirements as he has the full Stasis package.
      This included the Stasis Ohlins Challenge suspension package, full Stasis engine work, as well as the massive Alcon BBK in the front!

      The obvious clearance issue was with the front brakes.
      The customer had previously purchased HREs as well as a few other sets but they did not clear the huge Alcon caliper, so he had to sell them.

      With this in mind, we got to work checking brake fitment with Forgestar in several sizes and styles.
      We finally settled on the Forgestar CF5 in 19x9.5" for the best balance between performance and style.

      I have to admit, when we got the car in and I saw the massive brakes, I was a little worried about brake clearance.
      But we test fitted the fronts, we found there was plenty of room to spare!
      Forgestar definitely knows what they are doing when it comes to fitment.

      We threw the wheels on the car and the customer was ecstatic!

      Forgestar has told us this is the first set of 19" CF5s on a B8, and I personally think they fit the car amazingly well!

      This customer is a major track junkie, and the Avant has already seen over 40 track days!
      The Forgestars are meant to be his daily driven as well as track wheels.
      IMO he couldnt have made a better choice

      The customer himself is a member himself, I believe he is planning on putting up a full write up on his own soon!

      Best Regards,
      Quote Originally Posted by QUA77RO View Post
      Forgestar CF5 19x9.5
      Smooth (non-textured) Gunmetal.

      Much respect and appreciation to the BlakeP and the other A'zine wheel gurus for offset advice.

      Thanks to Forgestar for being patient with all of my questions and measurement requests.

      Props and thanks to Jason at ModBargains for great customer service and excellent communication throughout the whole process.
      20x10 CF10 in Gloss Gunmetal on a B8 A5

      Quote Originally Posted by beltran1129 View Post
      First off thanks for the people at ModBargains for hooking it up! Jason and the tech really know what their doing there and are very helpful! Great customer service so thanks again! :cheers:

      Forgestar CF10
      20 x 10 All aro

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      Jan 26th, 2012
      La Habra
      03-07-2012 09:37 PM #4
      Cant go wrong with custom rotary forged wheels!

    5. Member brandonekingatl's Avatar
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      2012 BMP Golf R 4 dr, 2010 CSG 2 dr GTI (sold), 2004.5 BMP GLI pimped (sold), 2000 TR GTI vr6 (sold)
      04-24-2012 12:47 AM #5
      Can I get a price and weight quote for 19x8.5 CF5 et 45-55 carbon fiber finish and gloss gun metal? fitment will be for a Golf R.

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