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    Thread: New to the VW World...Stuck between two GTIs?

    1. 02-21-2012 07:40 PM #1
      So I'm looking at purchasing my first ever VW. Actually I drove my dad's '87 Jetta when I first got my license but that was years ago.

      Anyways, I'm set on a GTI and was set on purchasing this VR6 until I recently came across a 20th Anniversary Edition around my neighborhood. Here's some details about both.

      2003 VW GTI 24V VR6 - Has around 70,000 miles, three owners, and looked clean when I saw it in person. Dark Gray. Cloth interior. Only upgrade is an intake (and I'd prefer to as stock as possbiel). Clean Carfax. The kid wants $9,000.00 for it, but he said he'd go to $8,700.00. He hasn't had the water pump, timing chain, or clutch replaced and I know I'll have to get to that at some point soon.

      2003 20th Anniversary Edition VW GTI - Has roughly 94,000 miles on it. Hadn't had a chance to check the Carfax yet, but he said it's clean. Jazz Blue. Some nice 18'' wheels. Other than that, no upgrades. Said he recently had timing belt and water pump were replaced around 75,000 miles and has those records. Wants $7,750.00 for it and is firm on that price.

      So I'm stuck...First of all, I don't know a lot about VW's. Heard the VR6 was the better engine, but I'm worried with the timing chain or water pump not being replaced. On the other hand, the 20th Edition has both done and still a decent amount of miles. So if ANYONE could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it.

      Thanks guys!

    2. I could've been a contender. jebglx's Avatar
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      Jul 13th, 2000
      2007 VW GTI 5DR
      02-24-2012 12:23 PM #2
      vr6 timing change is $$$

      go with the 20th & get a PPI
      - Bill, your friendly former VWVortex administrator.

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    3. Member randyvr6's Avatar
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      Aug 17th, 1999
      2012 CC R Line, 2007 Passat Wagon, 2001 Jetta VR6, 1993 Corrado SLC, 1973 Ford Capri
      02-24-2012 08:16 PM #3
      That VR6 is many, many, miles from needing timing chains. Same applies to the water pump, but it isn't nearly as difficult of a repair when it is needed.

      Not saying they all last this long, but my 2001 12v Jetta water pump lasted over 200K miles; I just hit 223K on the original chains. I think it is overdue for those, but am parking the car for a couple months until I am ready to tackle the job.

      How long do you plan on keeping the car and how many miles do you drive?

    4. 02-28-2012 04:00 PM #4
      i had the VR6 same year and it ran fine!with so much more.Vr6 is a good engine.The 20th if restored could bring you $$$ when you go to sell it.the 20th is a 6 speed yes?I think it has better things offered at stock.I believe its already lowered,suspenstion, crazy racing seats and steering wheel.My brother has a 2003 vr6 a lowered, intake and flash hes afraid to drive it cause its a beast!!!Well welcome to the VW world and thanks for reading my rant.

    5. Member tbaeastcoast's Avatar
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      Nov 8th, 2008
      2008 GTI, 2003 IY 20th AE, 99 Wolfsburg Jetta
      03-09-2012 05:54 PM #5
      The VR would be faster, but I had a 20th and I wish I never sold it.

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