Hello all, Ron here. I have a 1989 Fox wagon that needs a new home. The bad news first.
It needs a new transmission, or the current one rebuilt.
It will need a new hood. The one it has is not original, and it is rusted out.
It has 2 small dents in the roof from where the original hood popped up. There was a roof rack on the car, and that plus the windshield took the brunt of the impact.
No radio. It was removed by the previous owner.
The timing cover was removed.
It will need a front end alignment.
The drivers seat will need to be recovered or replaced.

The good.
New ball joints.
New windshield.
Brand new clutch kit ready to install.
New rear struts ready to install.
No major rust except for the hood.
Only 125000 miles.
I have the title in hand.

Bring a trailer or flatbed and make a good car out of it. I don't have the money to fix it up, plus my Volvo wagon is more practical for me. I am moving soon, so the sooner I can get this out, the better. I don't want to junk it, I would rather know it is being used by someone who appreciates it.

I am located in Attleboro,MA. Let me know if you have any questions.
Interesting trades considered. I also need some parts for my Volvo 240. I really need it gone before I move next month.