Debating over a '12 Tiguan with the A/T or '12 Passat TDI with the DSG. I don't know much about the DSG but know the Tiguan's are having big problems with shift logic that owners are hating. We have an 09G in an '05 Beetle that has given us LOTS of fit's with it's tempermental valve body. Right now, it's working okay.

I would like to know, between the two, which type of trans should hold up better? I am under the assumption that the DSG is just a manaul gearbox with a fancy clutch and shifting system. To me, it would seem that the DSG construction would hold up better over time than an A/T with the clutch packs and valve bodies and such. Right now we're leaning towards the Passat TDI with DSG, that's why I posted in this forum. I read about a lot of issues with the DSG as well, are these issues with the same gearbox that is in the B7 Passat or is it a different/updated unit?