Hey everyone. Here's my bunny for sale or trade. I drove it for a couple of years and then parked t when I had my kids. I don't think I'll ever drive it again so I'm looking to move on. The bad: some rust, some rot. missing rear wiper. rear hatch lock doesn't match door locks, probably doesn't work anyway. no rear seat belts. needs glow plug overhaul. The good: it runs! I just went over it and it seems like everything is in working condition. the e-brake is a little funky but it has been since I bought it. Brakes have plenty of meat on them. Shifts good. tires are decent.

Extras: I have another engine for it, I believe it's a 1.5 though. Also have two trannies for it, and one is a 5-speed I was told. I have two extra sets of wheels that are supposed to fit it, one set is aluminum and pretty nice, I just glass beaded them to clean them up. Those would need longer lug bolts to go on but the bolt pattern matches. Also have a complete head for a diesel, and some main caps and rods. Idk what else.. If I dig it up and find it it's yours!

I'm looking to get $1200 for everything. I really don't have the time to be parting it all out. Bring cash and you can take it all. For trade I'm looking for an air cooled beetle with the rear end intact. I would like to build a dune buggy or trike or something out of it. Thanks for looking!

I'm in burlington, nj.

if the pics didn't work here's a link to the album: http://www2.snapfish.com/snapfish/th...NAME=snapfish/