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    Thread: Another stock ZR1 goes low 10s on DR's...

    1. Senior Member JustinCSVT's Avatar
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      Oct 3rd, 2004
      Atlanta, GA
      2011 VW CC
      03-12-2012 07:48 PM #71
      Quote Originally Posted by Brendon1098 View Post
      I'll be that guy and say that 10.4x's are not low 10's, it's mid 10's

      and it's MIR
      OK. Now we are at low 10's.


      Other notes: This was definitely not a optimal run. The shifts werent spot on, the launch was damn good but small room for improvement, the head wind doesnt help, the car having more fuel and tools in the car is minimul but its something when you are looking for every .01's. Other bummer is since I went to the track by myself I only have my gopro video and the pics of the car and slips. I also was hugged by 2 men after this run. One of them had a KB blue Mustang GT. We were all stoked and man hugs are important to have IMO. After this run I felt no need to fine tune the rest of the run. My wife had foot surgery yesterday so I sped home to be typing here with her
      Feels it has 10.1x runs in it...

    2. Geriatric Member ByronLLN's Avatar
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      Jul 29th, 2004
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      '15 5.0, '13 Focus, '97 Wrangler, '90 Miata
      03-12-2012 07:53 PM #72
      Quote Originally Posted by BRealistic View Post
      One of them managed to get an 8 second flat 0-60 time in a stock 1.6 Miata.
      Pfft. You don't?
      @SSLByron, @leftlanenews
      Domestic Muscle Owners Not-So-Anonymous
      Quote Originally Posted by atomicalex View Post
      Can we just have more boob pics, please?

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