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    Thread: VR6 and CE1... questions

    1. Member ca180's Avatar
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      Jun 19th, 2011
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      02-25-2012 01:50 PM #1
      So I was reading through all of the VR stuff... and MK2VR6.com... trying to find more info on just using the CE1 with a VR... Well, I found this post. Can anyone possibly expound on it a little?

      I appreciate the help, but please don't tell me just to convert to CE2. I understand that's the general method, but I'm simply asking about this one for now. I have plenty of info on CE2 stuff.

      Thank you!

      Quote Originally Posted by bloody dismemberment View Post
      well if u can splice a ce1 dash harness to a ce2 harness why cant u make the 7-8 splice to the engine harness? its a very simple wiring job u can tackle in a few hours.
      ecu gets 12v. constant
      wire 23 from ecu get rlayed 12v
      fuel pump ground to wire 6 at ecu
      switched power to coilpack
      vvs from ecu wire 65 to cluster if it has the vss from cruise control
      any a few other small splices a confident person can do.
      u use ur factory headlite harness and everything else. even getting the tack to work on the older cluster is pretty simple.
      i think theres more to go wrong splicing the ce1 stuff onto a ce2 harness than anything else, beside if u make an error u may have ruined 2 harnesses instead of just one engine harness.
      just my opinion, u should worry about mounting first.

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      02-25-2012 09:56 PM #2
      did you go to the hybrid/swap subforum? there are a lot of right ups on CE1 stuff.

      Also even tho you don't want to hear it, use ce2 there is no logical reason not to. If you find someone stateside who is to much of an asshat to ship over seas, contact me and I can be a middleman. CE1 swaps of any kind are always ugly.
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      Quote Originally Posted by rpmk4 View Post
      tl;dr = bitches be crazy
      If I have a post on here that has a dead pic PM me, I selfishly reorganized my photobucket in boredom.

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      02-26-2012 12:59 AM #3
      Been through this a dozen times with a buddy of mine. I believe I could swap one to ce2 in half the time it would take to splice the engine harness . Not downing what you want to do, but its just that easy.

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