Hi I am an upholster on autos boats and motorcycles. I got rid of all my VWs a while back to help with my business. My sister is huge into VWs and took 1ST in her class at H2O in a car that the whole family helped build. After that I have wanted to get back into the VW game but am only really looking for a driver. I know upholstery is last on most peoples minds when building something but its usually the part that no one knows how to do. So if u wanna trade some work for a car let me know. The car has to equal around the price of what u want done would cost. Ex. 1000 car/1000 worth of work. I'm located in Maryland with a shop in Virginia so if u don't wanna trade but still want some work done email me at tpsterlinghotrods@Gmail.com and I can hook u up.