VWVortex.com - Another article about a classy dude. Banker leaves 1% tip "in defiance of the 99%"
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    Thread: Another article about a classy dude. Banker leaves 1% tip "in defiance of the 99%"

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      03-12-2012 11:01 AM #251
      Quote Originally Posted by O_G View Post
      You're deluded if you think your insipidity moves me.
      I'm not here to move anyone, change anyone's opinion. I'm here to engage in discussions, maybe have a laugh or two. The idea that people come here to change people's minds is frightening. This isn't the right place to do that.

      I do appreciate you going back three pages to pick out my response to your post, though.
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      03-12-2012 11:37 AM #252
      going to add a rant about a server the other night.

      typical local bar, friends and i go there every other week or so for their wednesday wing night (25 cents and they have good sauces). miller light was on special $2. me and 3 buddies. i had 20 wings, onion rings, and 4 delerium tremens drafts ($5/ea). chris had 2 delerium drafts and 20 wings. nick had an east end draft ($5). gabe had 20 wings and 2 miller lights. all-in about $60. not everyone had cash, so we asked to have seperate checks (on the menu, parties of 8 or more no seperate checks.

      meanwhile my brother in law and some of his friends came in, sat at the table connected to ours. we pay, i hang out and have a couple more beers. the waitress comes back at one point in the evening and bitches about having to split the check and that 3 of the guys didnt tip. i saw the tips, she made $18 in tips off a $60 bill. 30% . totally uncalled for.

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