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    Thread: rust around hoodcable hole in the raintray

    1. 02-26-2012 03:40 PM #1
      I have a rust hole around where the hood release cable goes through the raintray into engine compartment
      just thought i see if anybody else fixed this couldn't find anything about it

      I'm thinking i should I move the cable somewhere else and just plug the hole with filler
      also thought about grinding the rust down and then using some kind epoxy to seal up glue the cable hole with the rust is not too bad but there is a hole

      I have water leaks when it rains and i think this maybe one of places water is leaking in to the floor
      along with the windsheild heater duct which i will be using caulk to seal

      Thanks Henrik

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      02-26-2012 06:08 PM #2
      You may want to consider cutting out the bad metal and welding in a pies with the hole for the cable cut in it.

      The snorkel to the HAVC is a common leak, notorious for big puddles on the passengers side.

      Had a GL which had a generally leaky windshield all together - very bad news
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