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    Thread: Need help with line out converter

    1. 02-26-2012 08:16 PM #1
      Until this week I had a perfectly functioning LOC installed underneath the drivers seat by the factory amp. However, during VW's troubleshooting they removed the taps and put these bullet proof looking butt connectors in place of where the taps used to be. Once they figured out that the taps were NOT the cause of my problem they didn't bother to undo what they did and reinstall the line taps. So, I'd LIKE to reinstall the LOC as close to one of the rear speakers as possible and run wires over to the other side. Only problems are #1, My shoulder is still effed up and I can't be hoarsing around using strength that I'm not supposed to have yet. I tried but my shoulder quickly reminded me that it can send shocks of 440 volts up and down my body at will if I make the wrong move. #2 I haven't got a CLUE at how to access the rear speakers so I'm hoping somebody does. I'm willing to pay somebody but I also need somebody that is willing to do the work over at my condo under my carport.

    2. 02-27-2012 11:04 PM #2
      Not even a nibble yet. Hmpf!

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