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    Thread: 2012 New England Dustoff Swap Meet

    1. 02-27-2012 08:58 PM #1
      Sunday April 22nd

      Do you have a basement or garage full Volkswagen (water or air) parts or Audi parts?
      Do you need to get the stuff out?
      Are looking to make some money?

      New England Dustoff swap meet wants you to bring your stuff. Bring a truck and/or trailer setup in a spot or two, even three if you have that much stuff.

      If you have some parts that you want to sell, but you want to enjoy the show then bring your parts to us at the consignment booth and we will watch and sell the stuff you for a small fee.

      If you are interested please contact me for spot prices or other Swap Meet info at

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    2. Member Jettakid825's Avatar
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      May 4th, 2008
      Cumberland, RI
      01 Audi TT 225/99.5 VW Jetta 2.0
      03-18-2012 01:30 PM #2
      Just emailed!
      From a buyer:
      Quote Originally Posted by PKstrategy View Post
      bump for a good seller
      received my package on time and in pristine wrapped condition.
      Items for sale:

    3. 03-18-2012 03:18 PM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by Jettakid825 View Post
      Just emailed!
      RIP Alexi - Know your Aircooled roots

    4. 04-01-2012 12:17 AM #4
      Space is still available for the swap meet area, if you would like to setup and sell parts. Or if you want to enjoy the show we can display and sell parts for you at the consignment booth.
      RIP Alexi - Know your Aircooled roots

    5. 05-04-2013 09:27 PM #5
      i wish i would have seen this a few weeks ago!
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      it would whisper in your ear, "lrn2offsetbrah."

    6. Senior Member thewhitsnpt's Avatar
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      Mar 20th, 2002
      B5.5 Avant,B7 Passat
      05-07-2013 09:17 AM #6
      Swap meet was huge this year. So many awesome parts FS.

    7. 05-24-2013 04:13 AM #7
      Bad Luck ! I also wish I would have seen this a few monts ago .

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