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    Thread: 1984 Westy Issues

    1. 02-28-2012 12:00 AM #1
      i have an 84 westy that i just bought. I was having starting issues, very tempermental ones, no stalling though. I tore out the air cleaner housing , and replaced teh filter, cleaned all the crap out of the throttle body, and for sure it starts better, no question. But my MAF lid popped off, and was sealed with silicone, by the PO I assume. I have an 87 vanagon as well, that runs like a top but leaks oil and fluid of all sorts, so its a parts car basically. It has a round air cleaner and the MAF on it looks presitine. I am wondering does anyone know if they are interchangeable?

      Now mine has a stammer when in second gear, when accelerating, and some sort of whump whump whump, when driving, which may be a wheel issue I am thinking. The fun never ends.

      What is the deal with the oil breather tower thing? is there an oil seal on it at the bottoM? I am also planning on replacing the old woven type hoses to the injector racks with some modern hose, fuel line I presume?

      ALso. it is supposed to have a new clutch, but the tranny is very hard shifting when its cold, I suspect low fluid ? or old fluid? What type does she take and is there a filler hole AND a drain hole(please say yes)

      Any info is appreciated, as I am new to teh van and the site.


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      03-29-2012 01:41 PM #2
      First, try 1/2 bottle of seam foam next fillup.
      Next, your Fuel meter might be out of whack.
      Especially if you see it has goop around it (been messed with)
      This is an item to approach with extreme care, lest you get tinkeritus

      Go to Samba.com and search for Tencentlife's DIY on adjusting/cleaning the wiper strip inside the AFM. It would help to have an analog DVM and a camera to take a picture of the wiper assembly before you do anything to it.
      There is a way to verify the track bases out at the correct voltage and does not have any dead spots. Tencent's writup tells you how to get it back into spec.
      It is not hard to do and if you have tried other stuff it is worth a try.

      As far as I know the 1.9 F/I is not directly interchangeable in teh 2.1 F/I
      Good luck

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