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    Thread: Shelf diverS!!! =O

    1. 02-29-2012 06:21 AM #1
      Arggh!!! We have all been there before!! Perhaps due to someone's wayward dust brush, or maybe a passerby's errant elbow, or sometimes it's the cat, or as much as we all hate to admit it, sometimes even due to our own clumsy carelessness. Whatever the cause, your prized posession is now lying on the floor in about 25 pieces, and to make matters worse, junior has already begun to gnaw on something! (Junior could be your kid or your dog, depending on your case.) So you wrestle away whatever it is that junior is snacking on, gathering up everything as quickly and carefully as possible, and hurry to the work bench to survey the damage... Your story could start here. If you have wreckage beyond repair, I want to see it! Maybe you are in the process of or have been able to nurse it back to some degree of recognition, so let's see those too!
      Right now, I'm moving and packing up my kits and snapped a few pics of my own. As it turns out, I only have aircraft of my own that actually fit any of these criteria so I'll be posting those, and rely on the rest of you to show up with cars or whatever.

      Sorry for the bad pics and let the carnage begin!

      Here is my 1/72 scale F4-u Corsair, I want to say Revell but I forget. I built this probably about 20 years ago and it has taken some shots, and at least one full gainer from a shelf to the floor. I still have the landing gear in a box somewhere. Prop blades all came off. The lower wing and upper wing halves separated from the fuselage and had to be reattached. I think that the elevators popped off too. I got it back together and filled/repainted/weathered the seams, although the leading edge and wing root seams are not where I would like them to be quality wise, maybe I didn't fill those in as well, I don't know why. Some of the weathering is a bit imaginative such as smoke stains from air intakes and rusty aluminum, but whatever. There is some weathered paint that has flaked off below the starboard cockpit, that's not "weathering" it's just flaking off due to old age. Some of the markings are hand-painted and I thought that they came out allright.

      Here is my 1/72 F-15 Eagle, I'm pretty sure that this one was a Monogram, it's been almost 20 years with this one also. Much like the Corsair, it one day took a bad shelf dive. The vertical stabs and elevators were gone, and the whole front fuselage section came apart from the rest of the bird at the rear bulkhead. I think that the wing underside, which is inlaid from the bottom, loosened up and began to delaminate. Of course, the wimpy box-stock landing gear didn't stand a chance, and to this day it is loose and will break off at any moment. So anyway, I fully repaired, re-painted & re-weathered it, and that cagey varmint did it again! At that point, I just got everything back together and hastily filled and sanded the gaps. I was kind of pissed because I had a pretty good new but labor-intensive weathering technique going with the panel lines and I lost a lot of that with all of the repainting and handing, etc. I painted "VenoM" under the pilot but it's sanded away mostly now, and tried to do some detailing on his helmet but that got smeared or worn off. I still have the canopy in a box somewhere. I usually didn't build my kits with armament which is why there is none. I never really got along with that old-school Testors gloss white oil-based enamel paint very well. I'm not sure what that weird waterline thing is below the pilot, I think it was from solv-a-set decal stuff iirc but can't be sure...One thing that I never got around to doing was weathering the tail cans, I was going to do some blued/heated metal type stuff because I had just gotten an air brush right around that time...


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      02-29-2012 10:51 AM #2
      This is why I don't have any of my kits from back in the day. A roll off the shelf, dropped while moving them, etc. All were lost.

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