Hello everybody:

It has lately been coming to the attention of the administration of the forums that some of the behavior that has been going on in the MKVI forum regularly of late is just not acceptable.

I think at this point I need to remind everyone to go and read the rules. Everyone here agreed to follow them when you signed up for your accounts. Among them are such things as:

• No flaming of other members
• No bombing forums or threads with pointless posts
There has been an awful lot of times in here lately when people have been ganged up on in response to asking a question that others didn't like, asking about a modification that others didn't like, etc. This kind of behavior is not acceptable here, period.

Everyone needs to re-learn some of the lessons of acting in a civil manner - if you don't like something that someone's doing, either ignore it, or if you must comment, do so in a non-insulting manner. In fact, try the old trick of being constructive - you'd be surprised how well it works.

That said, here's the deal moving forward:

Anyone who threadbombs, posts off topic junk, or insults anyone else will get a warning from a moderator.

If you don't heed that warning, you will find yourself with a vacation from being able to post in the MKVI forum for a while if a moderator has to speak to you a second time.

I like the community here, and I believe that you guys are the best, most creative and in some ways most influential community of MKVI people out there. I just want everyone to live up to potential, and not let the place get ruined by petty insults and "cool kids" cliques that demand everyone either conform or be drowned in insults. We're done with that.