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    Thread: Official Photography forum Classifieds thread - FS/WTB **** READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING ****

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      Apr 12th, 2002
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      03-03-2012 10:46 PM #1



      Welcome to the new Photography forum classifieds thread. I will be keeping track of this thread and will make sure the rules are followed. If you do not follow the rules, you will get an infraction, it's that simple. First offense will get a warning, after that you get an infraction.
      I am keeping the rules from the original thread from .:RDriver as these were great, just updating/modifying them a little.


      THE RULES:

      1- Only post FOR SALE and WTB items in this thread.

      2- You must post a price in the post, just like our classified forums.

      3- Once it sells or you get what you need, delete your post. If you do not know how please ask. I see a lot of posts edited to say sold, DO NOT DO THIS, DELETE THE POST.

      4- You can post links to ebay auctions IF, there is a "buy it now" price in the auction and you post that price in this thread as well.

      5- NO posting replies in here... IM, or e-mail the seller (both can be found in user profiles). Any replies will be deleted immediately w/o any explanation.

      6- NO posts other than FS/WTB in this thread, no talk of gear, no asking where to get it, NOTHING.

      7- Please keep images to a minimum. Please limit to 4 images per post, if you have more, post the links to the extra images.

      8- Please do not post an item you do not have in your possession, for example a pre-order item. Only post for sale an item you actually have.

      9- As per Vortex rules, no price policing will be allowed, and also no advertising allowed.

      * If the rules stated here become a problem this will disappear and there will be no classifieds allowed here at all. Any classified ads found anywhere else in this forum other than here will be deleted without explanation.

      * Your post will be deleted after 2 months, so if you item is not sold and still on the market, or if you are still looking for an item and you are approaching the 2 month deadline, I suggest you delete the old post and repost a new one. You will not be notified when your post is deleted after 2 months.

      * Any posts in this thread that do not adhere to the above rules will be deleted and you will receive an infraction, no questions asked.

      Once again, welcome to the new Photography forum classifieds thread, and please .... follow the rules !

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      Apr 16th, 1999
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      02-05-2014 11:03 AM #2
      Canon EF-S 17-85 f/4-5.6

      No box/paperwork but both caps and a 3rd party petal hood. I've had this for a few years, but haven't used it since I got my 17-55 f/2.8. It was serviced by Canon (used one of my CPS service coupons), and it works perfectly. I checked it out after I got it back from service, but other than that, it has been sitting in my storage bag. Great walk-around lens for not much $$$

      $225 + shipping OBO.

      /edit: pics added

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      02-16-2014 09:01 AM #3
      Fujifilm x100s

      Only 2400 clicks

      Comes with everything the original did as well as a leather case made by Fujifilm (Thing retailed at like 130)

      Price is 1000 firm

      Please text me 703 282 9934

    4. 03-08-2014 02:55 PM #4

      $200 + shipping.

      comes with 50pack of 13x19 paper and ink. everything is BNIB.
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    5. 03-21-2014 12:05 PM #5
      I have a new unused 34" One Shot Calibration Target: Sells new for ~$90
      I have a used 6" One Shot Calibration Target: Sells new for ~$30

      The large one has a grey/black/white side and then a white only side
      The small one has a grey/black/white side and then a silver reflective side

      I'm asking $85 shipped for both

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    6. Member Buford T. Injustice's Avatar
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      03-22-2014 11:18 AM #6
      Selling a bunch of stuff. Please PM for additional info & photos.

      1) Complete 35mm B&W Film Developing & Enlarging Setup w/ Beseler Cadet II Enlarger, everything you need to go from film roll to photo print - $300 OBO Picked Up

      2) Canon 7D Body w/ Sigma 30mm f1.4 Lens. Camera condition 9/10, includes original cables and manual. Lens has minor damage on the body that does not affect function, the glass is perfect, includes UV and CPL filters. Not looking to separate at this time. - $1300 Firm

      3) Canon Rebel XSi DSLR Kit w/ 18-55 IS Lens, Bag, Battery Grip, 3 Batteries, 3 SD Cards, etc. - $315 OBO

      4) Canon Rebel T2 Film SLR Kit w/ 28-90 Lens. 4 Rolls of B&W Film Included. - $130 OBO

      5) Old School Canon FD-Mount Lenses w/ Adapter to use on newer EOS Cameras. 70-210 F4, 28mm F2.8, and Vivitar 2x Converter. - $125 OBO

      6) Holga Medium Format Camera w/ Color Splash Flash. Includes original box, booklets, strap, 35mm adapter, and 3 rolls of Fuji Velvia. - $40 OBO

      Everything except the Developing Setup can be shipped at buyer's cost + paypal fees. Local Pickup in Southern CT available.
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    7. Member xamx's Avatar
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      Feb 9th, 2010
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      03-27-2014 12:28 PM #7
      I have 2 sets of wheels I'm looking to sell trade whatever I can add cash if what you have is the bee's knees!!

      Nikon FX lenses, old Nikon film cameras, d800??

      Hasselblad lenses.

      leica film and digital cameras m8 ..
      Fuji x100 (s)

      lighting set ups..
      basically any high end camera gear in exchange for my wheels.
      please PM me and we can discuss

      willing to trade 2 sets of wheels. one or the other. perfect mkv mkvi fitment.

      2 piece
      Volk Rays Cerumo C5S 5x112/114
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      03-30-2014 10:35 PM #8
      Camera Model: Canon 6D

      Approximate age of Body: BNIB

      Body Condition: BNIB

      Number of Shutter actuations: 0

      Sale Includes: Body, box, and all accessories other than the lens

      Price: $1600 shipped / paypal'd or $1550 picked up

      Payments Accepted: Cash, Postal MO, Paypal

      Possible Trades: None at this time

      Shipping Methods Available (Ships From): USPS

      Shipping Available To: US

      Item location: Kingston, NY

      Best Contact Method: PM


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