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    Thread: Official Tri-State Meet, Club, Event BLACKBALL List: Stopping Offenders

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      03-06-2012 08:51 AM #1
      As we start the 2012 season, many of us attend the available Tri-State European car meets, clubs and organized scheduled events throughout the year. Levels of organization range from last minute GTGs to full blown weekly parking lot meets. Ages range from new drivers through 60+. Cars range from beaters, Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, Mini Coopers, Porsches, Volkswagens, exotic cars, antiques or domestics. No matter the car, they are an enthusiast. Organized scheduled events range from weekend warrior cruises to charity events and super events like Waterfest and H20.

      The Tri-State area has some well established meets and clubs for enthusiasts to attend: Bergen, Castle GTG, Coolwater, Franklin Hooters, Garden State Euros, Hudson Valley GTG, Jetta is Betta, Linden Starbucks, Monmouth, Montclair, Mount Olive, N.E.R.D., Palisades, Parsippany / PAR GTG, Poughkeepsie, Fair Lawn / Rt. 4 IKEA GTG, Somerset, Sussex, Team A.C.E., Union, Woodbridge, and William Paterson University, and so on…

      No matter the level, each and every car meet, club or event has people behind it to drive it in a positive direction. Lets break down what’s needed to establish a meet or car event from scratch: Choosing a location, obtaining proper approval from the property owners (parking lots / parks / etc.) who risk their insurance policies, notifying local towns or police departments, advertising the meet or event at that secured location, making sure each week goes smoothly without accidents, injuries or people acting unsafely with their cars, etc. Organizers put their credibility on the line to account for all attendees and their conduct. No matter what the case, there is a ton of work and endless hours that go into even the smallest of meets, clubs or events.

      So to the point of this thread: Who’s tired of clown asses coming along, doing a burnout, donut, drifting, revving their engines or generally offending and risking harm to the rest of the attendees and cars at your meet, club or event? This thread has been coming for a while and was sparked by offenders captured in pictures and video from the 2011 season. After patrolling the other Tri-State European car meets and clubs listed above, I’ve also seen further complaints. True car enthusiasts do not want to attend an event with irresponsible drivers that risk damage to their cars, risk injury to attendees, or risk having the meet, club or event shut down.

      Outcome of this thread: This thread is designed to make organizers and dedicated club members aware of potential offenders by finally calling out the driver and car. This information will eventually be posted across multiple European car threads. This thread will be posted in each of the Tri-State European car meets and clubs listed above to invite participation. Between local police patrol our meets or security at entrances of organized events, we have a shot at either stopping this behavior or turning participants away. Some of you may think this is “wrong” to call people out. Let me start by saying they are lucky we haven’t sent this thread to the police in the towns these events were held. We’re supposed to continue to volunteer time and resources to create an event for you when we have to babysit offenders like these? If you still disagree with what we are doing here, you obviously don’t have a vested interest or general concern for the hard work people put out to give others an event to enjoy and feel safe at.

      Examples: Eurofest 2011 was immediately shut down after the offender below performed donuts on a busy Rt. 23, not once, but twice. A crowd ran out into oncoming traffic to shut down the lanes so this offender could circle back to “drift” a second time after the event organizers warned the crowd the first time. Paul Miller BMW of Wayne and the event organizers risked the safety of their attendees watching along the side of the road and people standing in the highway to block traffic.

      Organizers from the Cool Water 2011 Charity event had an offender do donuts in the grass nearly wrecking into a tree.

      I helped organize DubRun 2011 last year and in the videos below, you’ll see how unsafe the same offender can be in a narrow road along a mountainside. I was responsible for these attendees, if he drifted off the road into a car or crowd of people, who’s responsible? On top of it all, when he first attended the event, he was warned that his past behavior would not be tolerated.

      Instructions: Post the specific car meet / club / event, car make / model / color / year, license plate, pictures and videos of offenders at your local meet, club or event. Your information will be added to the original post and you will be notified with a “TTT” (to the top) post to confirm that the original post was updated.


      EuroFest 2011
      Year TBD Silver BMW M3
      NY License Plate: Contact me for this information

      Cool Water 2011 Charity Event
      2010-2011 Black BMW 1 Series
      NJ License Plate: Contact me for this information

      DubRun 2011
      Year TBD Silver BMW M3
      NY License Plate: Contact me for this information



      Friday night meet Woodbridge NJ
      2000’s TBD Black Acura Non-Type S RS, possibly purple wheels
      NJ License Plate: TBD

      Garden State Euros – Weekly Northern New Jersey Tri-State Meet!
      1990’s Dark Blue BMW 3 Series, diesel with exhaust chimney above trunk
      NJ License Plate: TBD
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