As title states, I am selling my 1995 VW Golf GTi 2.1L 16V/ITB swap track car project- more than likely it will be parted but before I do so, I wanted to gauge interest as a complete car- at a better price of course. The car is 95% done and has had limited runtime on it in its current configuration - it has NOT turned a wheel though!

***This thread is VERY picture heavy and will cover everything ever done to the car since my possession. If you are not an enthusiast or not interested in an project car, do NOT read any further as the next owner will have to finish small wiring jobs and be able to tune ITBs with megasquirt(which is included)***


The car was originally an ABA 2L car but was swapped out during the winter of 2011 as I began to transform it into a dedicated track car. For the first two years I owned the car, I used it to compete in strictly autocross and during that time it got an overhaul to make it reliable and competitive. After two years, I decided it was time that I competed in time-attack, so the car went through an entire overhaul for the second time - adding safety items and improving or replacing other parts to make it a good car right from the start. Some will say it was the beginning of the end. Please read the bottom of the post for the current status of the car!

Below is a time line for the car and should give perspective buyers a better idea of its history - allot has changed since its humble beginnings.

Spring of 2009- When I first purchased it from the estate of a deceased old lady

1995 VW Golf GTI w/original black paint

Winter of 2010/2011- The first overhaul began

See pics below *in no particular order*

Parts changed:

Front/rear & left/right complete hard brake lines
Stainless flex lines from hard lines to calipers front/rear
Rear beam completely rebuilt and painted with O-bar (Sway bar) installed- also changed the following:
-SCCH spherical bearings
-New rear stub axles
-New OEM Prop. Valve
-ALL NEW OEM bolts/clips and brackets that were attached to the rear beam (nearly $300)
-New wheel bearings
-New rotors
-New e-brake cables
-Rebuilt MK4 calipers
-New OEM backing plates (splash shields)

BFI control arms with hybrid bushings
Corrado 11" rotors and rebuilt G60 calipers
New tie-rods
New Bilstein PSS9 coilovers
GC camber plates
Strut bar installed
Eurosport 2.25" catback exhaust w/new OEM cat

***all bolts anti-seized!**

I’m sure I am missing things but since that was back in 2010, it doesn't really matter...

Competed in 2011 CASC Mobil 1 Autocross series in the FSP class and various other club events totally nearly 25 outings! During that time, that car was very competitive.

Winter of 2010/2011- The second overhaul began *getting ready for OTA*

Addressed some rust issues (patches welded in) under the hood and re-sprayed the whole engine bay..see all pics below list *in no particular order*

Parts changed/upgraded:


2.1L 16V
-11.1 compression
-Bored .040 (83.5)
-Scat rods
-hydro.1215 cat cams
-P&P head (head refreshed with new valves)
-ARP head bolts
-Crank scraper
-Baffled oil pan
-Lightened IM shaft

-TT timing gear
-Engine was previously dynoed at 189WHP/168WTQ with Andrews’s setup (I suspect my setup would yield slightly lower numbers)
*will include amsoil racing oil*
MS3X Megasquirt SEM (will include all extras and jimstim)
Powder coated black valve cover with vented cap and line into catch can
INA coil pack with mounting dist.block-off plate
BBM 16V plug wires
Extrudabody 45MM ITB’s (completely rebuilt by Extrudabody to ensure all was done right)
330CC genesis injectors from USRT
Custom throttle linkage setup
BBM fuel rail with AN fittings and stainless lines all the way to the stock lines
Aeromotive Adjustable FPR with gauge
Mocal Oil cooler with thermal sandwich plate and 13 row heat exchanger w/rubber braided lines
1.8T oil filter
NLS block off plate for crank pressure outlet
INA ABF alternator/pulley setup to clear ITB's
New ABF belt
New alternator
New OEM water pump
Custom Crank trigger setup which allows for P/S
Powder coated power steering pump components and brackets
Raceland Header
AEM wideband
New O2 sensor
Generic catch can and lines
Mishimoto VR6 Aluminum rad and slim fans
Custom coolant hoses with new coolant bubble
BFI .5 motor mounts
MMP battery box for lightweight batteries


Rebuilt 020 with 4.25 R&P and short 2-5 gears (rebuilt by GT performance)
Quaiffe LSD w/bolt kit
BBM short shift levers combined with USRT shift kit (tight and short!!)
New BFI tranny mount
OEM Sachs 16V clutch with lighter weight ABA flywheel (approx. 12LBS)


Napa ducts custom mounted to front bumper and corresponding brake hose (not installed yet)
New Wilwood 4 pistons calipers and corresponding SS lines
Fresh Super blue fluid
New OEM 11" Corrado rotors
New rear OEM pads


PSS9 coilovers rebuilt to accommodate higher spring rates by peak performance (travel also altered for less droop/up-travel)
*they have been modified to allow for quick dampening changes by peak performance or other capable shops*
Hotbits 7" 505LB front springs
Hotbits 7" 450LB rear springs
SCCH spherical bearings rebuilt
Beam custom fitted with "towers" to keep camber/toe in check while on track (just need rods made to connect towers to middle of the beam)
New OEM knuckles with new wheel bearings and new hubs
New PWM 2" ball joint extenders
New PWM tie-rod flip kit
New OEM ball joints
New BFI VR6 control arms (more caster)
Front sway bar removed
Front strut bar
Rear brace bar


Most interior removed except for sunroof, headliner, door panels, b-pillar covers and dash components.
Sparco Jr. race seat (fixed bucket)
2 custom recaro seat brackets (to fit sparco seats)
Custom 4 point cage
2.5 LB fire extinguisher (as per rule set)
Custom carbon fibre/fibreglass dash display with switch panel, starter bottom, AEM wideband gauge and 3 autometer phantom gauges
-Tranny temp.
-Oil temp.
-Oil pressure
OMP steering wheel (really good knock off) and generic wheel hub
New gas tank straps


15X7" 4X100- Not sure of the make of wheels but they are on the heavy side
205-50-15 Bridgestone RE-11 tires with nearly 95% tread left.
New stud conversion, so no more wheel bolts!

front susp

shift linkage
rear toe tower
itb up close

front clip off


The bad...

It is a MK3 VW so rust has always been an issue, mind you; this MK3 is allot better than most Canadian examples. I have taken care of all the major rust except for the front portion of the rockers which are in bad shape. I suspect that if there is a person willing to take on a project like this, they can easily fix this problem. Also, the front fenders, drivers door and of course the rear hatch have some rust bubbling but nothing major. The rest of the car is EXTREMELY clean - some say I have OCD..

Some wiring must be completed, such as the gauges and IAC. Someone may decide to wire it up completely different.

I am sure most are wondering why I never ended up running the car in time attack so here it goes. After completing the project, or so I thought, me and a very good friend (extremely knowledgeable btw) began to tune the car but because of our lack of megasquirt knowledge, we could not get it to run correctly. Unfortunately there aren't many who have tuned ITBs with MS3 yet so it was basically up to us to figure it all out. Needless to say, the project began to kill my interest and drive to complete it - after many LONG hours of building the car through the winter, I was not about to devote my entire summer to it. Basically the car has been sitting and collecting dust for the last few months. With the 2012 season approaching, I was faced with a tough decision - get back to finishing the car or buy something that better suited MY situation. The decision led me to buy an E36 BMW(in progress) which will now be my track car for this season and possibly for the next couple years. I am putting this for sale ad out there in hopes that a fellow enthusiast with the right mind/skill set will want to take this project on and see it to the finish - I would love to see someone else enjoy it!

Location: Etobicoke, Ontario Canada (427/Rathburn)

Money spent on car: $20K+ approx. since 2009, $12K last winter alone!

Parted price (calculated off of low ball prices): $11K

Price: $9000 OBO

Serious inquires only! Can provide pictures of specific things if requested!

If you have any more questions, please PM or email me coreytrf at

Thank you for looking!