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    Thread: Turbo 2.5 or bags

    1. Member thygreyt's Avatar
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      Jun 7th, 2009
      fort lauderdale, FL
      05-02-2012 09:05 AM #76
      i cant wait to do my 5858 thing.

      in 17 days i'll have my mani+wastegate and soon after i'll have the turbo.. then its piping time and measuring to buy the oil lines... thankfully i have the turbo DIY that andre made long ago... yes, i saved the pictures.

      i was running some numbers... and if i make 300 hp (crank) that would bring the car to a power/weigh ratio of 10.3 lbs/hp from a 14.25 lb/hp! should be quite fast.

    2. Member Jefnes3's Avatar
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      Aug 17th, 2001
      05-03-2012 11:25 PM #77
      Quote Originally Posted by pennsydubbin View Post
      350 whp is pretty much your limit with stock fueling I'm told.

      6262 would be around 9 psi for 350 whp

      Who is feeding you guys this exaggerated data?

      -Jeffrey Atwood

    3. Member pennsydubbin's Avatar
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      Mar 3rd, 2010
      2016 GTI; 2005.5/08 Jetta 2.5T
      05-04-2012 03:09 AM #78
      Quote Originally Posted by Jefnes3 View Post
      Who is feeding you guys this exaggerated data?

      -Jeffrey Atwood
      Are you referring to the fueling limitations or what I said about power output?

      The fueling is what I've heard and read from people and companies in other threads here on the forum. The 9psi me and Josh kind of estimated would be the boost with a 6262 to put you at around 350 whp, because he was at 6 psi and make around +/- 300 whp.

      If I have given any incorrect information I apologize.
      United Motorsports 2.5T

    4. Member TylerO28's Avatar
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      Jul 7th, 2008
      Mill Creek, WA
      '08 2.5Turbo Rabbit
      05-04-2012 06:12 AM #79
      I'm going in for a little stage 3 build I think soon...hopefully this summer.considering i've got a good chance of picking up a used motor with 30k on it...think I'll scoop that up and slowly begin the build... Low comp pistons, rods, valves, all new seats etc etc...I don't really see a need for anything over the 6262...may stay below that like 58ish...

      Regardless this motor in stage 2 trim just pulls to red like a mad man! So slow engine build could be fun!

      Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
      god i love my car. it may not be fast, but it's crazy fun!

      C2 stage 2 TURBO!!! ACHTUNG!!! 2.5liter 5cylinder contents under pressure!!!

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