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    Thread: Recommend an econobox w/leases ~$200

    1. Member adrew's Avatar
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      Aug 14th, 2003
      '12 Yaris, '17 Corolla
      03-08-2012 01:15 AM #26
      Quote Originally Posted by proximal View Post
      I'm averaging just over 36 mpg. Mostly highway miles. I've never managed to meet a car's MPG ratings before and here I'm just exceeding the highway rating.
      Awesome, thanks. Seems like it's easy to exceed the ratings on these little 1.5-liters if you're easy on 'em.
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    2. Geriatric Member BRealistic's Avatar
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      Dec 16th, 2005
      88 F150, 04 RX8, 96 T&C LXi
      03-08-2012 01:16 AM #27
      Quote Originally Posted by adrew View Post
      What kind of mileage do you average? It is toward the top of our list (great incentives on them at the moment). I can't find any '11s but there are plenty of '12s and they have .9%.
      I know you didn't ask me- but I have as of yet to see a real world user mpg number that didn't handily beat the EPA's mpg estimate numbers.
      IDK- it seems like Mazda could have tweaked it a bit to optimize the EPA MPG test results for better advertising numbers (which would have sold more cars).
      But then again- cars tweaked to get great EPA mpg (hwy) estimates tend to drive worse for it.
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    3. Member TM87's Avatar
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      Dec 30th, 2008
      Windsor CT
      03-08-2012 01:27 AM #28
      there are some good lease deals out there. My dad is looking for a car, and he doesnt care much about brand/trim/options just a--->b transportation. We will have to investigate on few of these.

    4. Member JimmyD's Avatar
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      Apr 30th, 2001
      03-08-2012 01:28 AM #29
      hoyalawyr, there was a similar thread posted the other day by someone also looking for a lease at $200 per month. You might find some good info in that thread too, here is the link: Need TCL brains for an emergency purchase/lease!

      Good luck in your new car search!

    5. Member Bias_Ply's Avatar
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      Feb 6th, 2010
      Mustang GT
      03-08-2012 01:34 AM #30
      Quote Originally Posted by adrew View Post
      What kind of mileage do you average? It is toward the top of our list (great incentives on them at the moment). I can't find any '11s but there are plenty of '12s and they have .9%.
      for 2400 bucks you could drive up to Atlanta and buy that one ^^ unless you want a standard transmission.
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    6. Member
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      Jun 30th, 2001
      Bean Town
      03-08-2012 04:20 PM #31
      Sign and drive: $219 for accord or $199 for civic


    7. Member Chmeeee's Avatar
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      Jun 23rd, 2002
      Near Boston, MA
      '14 335i GT, '16 $46 Cruze
      03-08-2012 04:23 PM #32
      FYI, manufacturer advertised lease deals are typically the same as manufacturer advertised purchase prices, AKA there is still plenty of room for negotiation. If they're advertising $249/mo and $2k down, there's probably plenty of room to work that down, maybe even to $249/mo and 0 down or less depending on the dealer and the car.
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    8. 03-08-2012 04:52 PM #33
      Ive been looking to lease something as a company car for a few months. I'll outline some of the things I have found.

      Sign and drive offers(like he honda one above) still require out of pocket money. read the bottom of the ad. There's $1000 of fees to get to the $199 number.

      Keep in mind that insurance cost could go up significantly. Adding full coverage to the leased/financed car could be a big expense. This is whats keeping me from pulling the trigger. My 3 cars have liability insurance only. Adding a new vehicle with full coverage will add $100 per month to my insurance

      Local taxes? If I lease a new car in my companies name, I pay the full personal property tax rate here in VA. On a new golf, thats $700 for the first year. Slightly less as the car depreciates.

      I worked out 2 true 0 down deals on VWs. I got the golf down to 262 and the jetta to 208. I was suprised by the insurance jump and personal property tax expense. Thats really what kept me from purchasing.

      Im now looking at Certified Pre-Owned vehicles to see if I can make that work.

    9. A beautiful Summer's Eve Sold Over Sticker's Avatar
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      Nov 28th, 2009
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      03-08-2012 05:31 PM #34
      Quote Originally Posted by sellitsoon View Post
      Sign and drive offers(like he honda one above) still require out of pocket money. read the bottom of the ad. There's $1000 of fees to get to the $199 number.
      That's the biggest difference between "due at signing" and "down." By saying "$999 down!" it means they want $999 towards Cap cost reduction, but you still have all of the lease inception fee's (bank acq fee, doc fee, taxes, first months payment, security deposit, etc).

      "Due at signing" means that's what you need to write the check for to leave with the car, at that advertised payment. I personally advertise "Due at signing" for the most part so people know what they're actually getting into, as nobody knows what the bank fee is, how much is the security deposit, etc.
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      Quote Originally Posted by bothhandsplease View Post
      Brendan told me to get the best discount, I had to send dick pics. I thought this was standard car buying practice.
      Quote Originally Posted by H.E. Pennypacker View Post
      Brendan and his all knowing heavy breathing baboon are correct.

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      Nov 3rd, 2008
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      03-08-2012 06:02 PM #35
      Quote Originally Posted by adrew View Post
      If you don't care too much, look for Mitsubishi Lancers.

      I found a couple of leftover 2011 5-speed base "DE" ones for $11,445 ($12,945 - $1500 rebate). They are the base trim but still decently equipped (A/C, CD stereo, power windows/locks/mirrors, window tint). Or you can get 0% financing for 5 years if you don't take the rebate.

      I verified that the price was legit and was psyched to find a good deal on a new car but my better half didn't care for it (she hated the interior).


      That's INSANE pricing. The current Lancer is an attractive car even in base form, IMO, and for that money I'd happily drive one.

      I wonder if I can get that kind of pricing locally.

      Quote Originally Posted by stacman View Post
      Top gear recommended it, so I bought it.

    11. 03-08-2012 06:23 PM #36
      I'm averaging an honest 39.5 in a 2012 Accent 6-speed manual sedan. MotorTrend just put it in the number 1 slot in their latest comparo test. It's comfortable, totally adequate, and still quick enough (7.8 0-60 M/T - motortrend), and a 40mpg average is saving me $170/mo over driving my 4runner (~1300mi/mo). I'd guess that's more than it would cost you to lease the car! (I bought rather than leased). Oh, and of course, killer warranty to boot.

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