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    Thread: Two Piece Strut/4000Q Balljoint Diameter

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      03-07-2012 09:42 PM #1
      I am working on a very extensive project and need to know what the diameter is for the 4000Q ball joints.

      I am trying to find a two piece strut setup that will work with my setup.

      Thanks in advance.
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    2. 03-26-2012 02:50 PM #2
      you may want to ask this question on motorgeek.com. I know some of those guys have modified 4000 balljoints and have done ball joint extenders to add/correct camber.

    3. 03-27-2012 06:35 PM #3
      this info is front only.

      stock 4kq is 17mm.

      URQ is 18mm

      anything from 88' up is 19mm, which is to say that all two piece are 19mm. Though there are a couple variations of ball joints depending on the control arms they are attached to. (forged is 3bolt vs. stamped arms 2bolt).

      hope that helps

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