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    Thread: 1980 cabby + my mk1 parts stash

    1. 03-13-2012 02:21 AM #1
      SOLD, have some parts left that I'll post separately.

      It's sadly time to let my 1980 daily driver/project car go. I've focused on the mechanical/electrical, making this car super reliable and affordable to run. I haven't done much on the cosmetic front, and just don't have time to finish it.

      From when I got it:

      The good:
      - new A-arm bushings when I got it (6 years ago)
      - new ball joints (6 years ago too)
      - new front wheel bearings (6 years ago)
      - H4 headlights (one brand new)
      - 1984 rabbit fusebox swap (impervious to water), all electrical works except parking brake warning light
      - opening vent windows
      - Foundation Delux strut bearings/caps
      - new rear drums, bearings, brake cylinders, springs, pads
      - new door cards passenger side (driver's side still in box)

      - ST coilovers, just over a year old
      - Michelin Pilot Exalto on snowflakes, probably less than 10K miles, great shape
      - lower neuspeed tie bar (2 point)
      - fuel/oil change log since I got it
      - new voltage regulator/brushes
      - dual air horns (in parallel to the OEM dual horns)

      The bad:
      - reconstructed title from hitting dear by 1st owner
      - will need a new top (leaks water) at top of vent windows
      - no radio
      - some cancer on rear passenger wheel arch
      - water comes in via bottom windshield gasket.
      - 2nd gear grinds when shifting fast
      - 1st gear whine at speed (clutch in, coasting)

      The extras:
      - set of seats (front and back), good foam/frame/etc. Fabric original, so a bit thin.
      - dash, one tiny crack, brown
      - carpet, tan
      - mk1 scirocco steering wheel (sports wheel, 3 spoke), mint, brown
      - lower rocker chrome moldings
      - two sets (one thick, one thin) side moldings
      - driver's side door seal
      - new door cards (ready to be installed)
      - Infinity 6402 CFP speakers in door cards
      - brand new radiator, non overflow type, narrow to fit OEM euro oil cooler in core support
      - set of tarantula rims, no tires
      - bags full of little parts

      Some racecar bits (club rabbit):
      - spherical bearing A-arms
      - sphericla bearing for rear beam
      - 4sp GC tranny with 1.37 3rd, peloquin LSD, freshly rebuilt, never run
      - freshly rebuilt 1.6L with carb head, G-grind, compression ration bumped to 8.5, port matched to carb intake manifold, never run.

      My sense of what the car is worth is totally skewed by the fact I like it, and it puts a grin on my face every time I drive it. I am sad to be getting rid of it, but am just not making any progress on it. I am coming to terms with reality, and reality is I really should have a car that can fit all my kids (so a 5 seater), a bit safer, with a working stereo.

      The car runs flawlessly, so I'd say $1750 for the car without the extras? $2250 with the extras, (excluding the racecar bits), and $5000 for everything (have over $2k into the extra engine alone, not counting the peloquin or spherical bearings stuff).

      Close in to downtown PDX, open to selling parts individually for the right price, but only locally (won't ship).

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    2. Member Thecleaner's Avatar
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      03-14-2012 08:11 PM #2
      Bump for a good honest seller.

    3. 03-15-2012 01:16 AM #3
      I forgot to list that I replaced the clutch, and installed a new 210mm setup rather than the original 190mm. So new flywheel, pressure plate, and disk. At the same time I replaced the tranny shaft seal, as well as the pushrod seal. The throwout bearing has also been replaced. The tranny has redline oil in it.

      Prices are OBO, ideally the more stuff goes at once the more likely I am to take a lowball offer.

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      03-24-2012 08:52 PM #4
      Do you still have the extra brown dash? I am looking for a brown center vent (the double one)


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