Parting out my audi 200 turbo, BUT, this listing is for the Engine at the moment.

I think i can be coerced to sell the engine as well... i have put a lot of time into it, but nothing to be boasting about.
The engine has:
034 lightweight lifters
complete Headgasket set replaced
new headbolts
034 stainless steel intake manifold bolts
new IM spacer washers
had the valves reseated and new valve guides
good used fuel injectors
uncracked exaust manifold
New plugs and wires
new distributer/cap
painted valve cover
new timing belt job
freshly painted timing belt covers
water return line had to be modified to work as i was missing a fitting for the turbo
K24 Turbo has Shaft play-1mm-ish forward and backwards-1mm-ish side to side-needs a rebuild or parts swapped out from an ugly ass turbo to a nice looking shell!
turbo is polished on the outside and inside on the shiny part-loss of word

new alternator
oil pan gasket

comes with:
new K&N oil filter
prepped for sandblasting or powdercoating valve cover

im thinking ill start at what i think is a medium high price- $$$500 obo picked up. Shipping MIGHT be possible. It was a pain in the DICK to ship BDcoombs the VR6 and he did the phone calls and set up. The closest cargo truck place there is to me is 25-35 miles away and i dont have a cherry picker anymore....

i do not have a truck so bring one. I might have some other parts to go with the engine, but ill have to look again.

I am located in Killeen, Texas