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    Thread: 1982 Jetta turbo diesel with giles pump 3500

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      03-15-2012 03:32 PM #1

      got a 1982 jetta with about 300k on chassis and 100k on motor. less than 200 miles ago i put a Giles Super pump, metal headgasket, timing belt/tensioner, ARP head studs and boost controller and the GTD injectors. The only thing left to do to the motor is an intercooler so you can take advantage of the 30psi of boost. Compression is great, oil pressure great.

      The previous owner of this car kept service records including MPG readings at every point he filled up the tank. The engine is meticulously maintained. Never been run on veggie oil or any of that crap. I put raceland coilovers and wheel spacers on when I got the OG snowflakes less than 2k miles ago, closer to 1k but Iím not positive. Sits flush and handles like a gokart. Iíve also got a lower and upper brace Iíll throw in if the price is right.

      Iíve bled the brakes and put drilled rotors and race pads on it and new rear wheel cylinders and new wheel bearings. The drums and shoes have plenty of life left in them so I left them alone.

      The paint on the car still has some shine to it. itís definitely not show perfect but itís really in great shape. The interior is surprisingly clean for how old it is. The radio is currently not installed, I have a tape deck unit I can throw in but I suggest just buying a nicer one and putting it in there. The rear view mirror needs to be reattached and the turn signals work but donít return back after a turn unless itís hot out. I have a stalk sitting in the car to fix it but I havenít had the chance to install it. it also needs glow plugs and the timing to be fine tuned, but I should be able to get that done this weekend, I have the tools just not the time! runs great, just smokey on start up. has a new battery as well.

      I really donít want to sell this car, but itís kind of come to it. ideally I would swap this motor into my caddy and the motor from my caddy into this car, but I just donít have the time to do this. if you would be willing to help me do this, I could work out a killer deal on the jetta with the caddy motor on it. also a 1.6td but not built for power like this one, the caddy gets around 50mpg. Please feel free to ask questions. current reg and clean title.

      whole album here:

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