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    Thread: 86 cabby hood grounds

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      Nov 7th, 2011
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      03-19-2012 08:09 PM #1
      Hey guys, just had a quick question about the hood grounds on my 86 cabby. Would these not being in place really effect anything? Like the brain or something? If so, please help me out by being specific :p
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      03-19-2012 10:14 PM #2
      They are actually bonding wires, the purpose of them is to eliminate spurious RF from the Spark Wires and Dizzy from interfering with the Radio.....

      Are they over kill? yes, can you live without them, yes....
      Just be sure to replace the Battery to Frame and Frame to engine/tranny, then the Valve cover to firewall.

      And the ground wire on the ECU.

      It is the Frame to Battery and the Frame to Engine that if missing or bad, that will fry the ECU...

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