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    Thread: fuel pump help

    1. 03-19-2012 09:36 PM #1
      hi i have a 92 cabriolet and the fuel pump has a loud noise and after a 30 min drive it sounds diferent and also it has a gasoline smell inside the car would that be my inside tank pump dying. and after i turn the car off and on it sounds normally again .

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      03-19-2012 10:24 PM #2
      That is a good sign that your in-tank pump has failed and is straining your Primary Pump.
      How to change it:

      There there is a get rid of your Dual pumps and go single...which is a hell of a lot cheaper, but a tad noisier.

      My additions to make it even cheaper and my trick...
      Grounds, Grounds, Grounds Replace them things.
      Divorces, Great Coffee, and Electrics, all start with GOOD Grounds.

      Another Useless Ground Thread
      HAVE YOU CHECKED THE FAQ's ABOVE..PAGE 3 Thread 75? Why bother no one else does.
      You can lead a user to a link, but you can't make them click.

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