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    Thread: VR6 OBD1 throttle body flange

    1. 03-19-2012 09:52 PM #1
      Anybody know of place or person that makes tapped/threaded VR6 OBD1 throttle body flanges? I'm looking for one to finish up a short runner intake.

      I did search and that throws up a couple of leads:

      This one is a piece of art but the thread is a couple of years old and the user hasn't replied to PMs yet:

      This one from USRT isn't threaded (and I don't need the port):

      Help appreciated

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      03-19-2012 10:50 PM #2
      When I made my short runner I just had a local machine shop turn me out one from a TB gasket. It was about a half inch thick and tapped for bolts. I wound up running studs in mine and using nuts to secure the throttle body. I had to have it made like this because I also couldn't find a producer of these. I even contacted USRT about them selling me a spacer plate without the holes drilled. They declined. Hope this helps.
      Cin City

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