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i love gas economy discussions. Ecomodder.com does have a lot of good threads on how to sip the gas and lots of diy ideas that are very interesting, i've tried a few of the ridiculous ones and they work. Isn't there an eco cam you can replace stock cam with to get a little better fuel economy, do a tdi 5th gear, other small tricks?

Good luck with your experiments, I'm interested.
I wouldn't think a TDI fifth gear is a small trick! I've been meaning to check out ecomodder (previous poster has intrigued me), so I'll see what they have to offer.

Part of the point is to keep my car relatively how it is (no weight reductions, aero), and not to spend much money in order to save money, outside of regular maintenance like plugs/filter/wires.

Speaking of wires... I've realized that the wires I bought in late 2009 are pieces of sh*t. They're Xact brand, and one is arcing to the head at low RPMs, and another one is pretty loose on the spark plug. Google search yielded a LOT of bad reviews. They're under "limited lifetime warranty" from Advance, so I'll either try and get a new set, or just drop $60 on some Bosch wires I found on Amazon. Somehow I paid $120 for these current wires and I can't remember why I didn't price shop, or check reviews on the brand.