my family has a '00 ev, about a 3 weeks ago I noticed a new sound coming from the upper left side of the engine (pass side). (it's not as pronounced outside as the recording i made). This started about a month after we got back from a 3000 mile road trip to FL. the van now has about 106k miles on it. I haven't had any mechanical issues with this van over it's entire life, changed wear items and replaced the AT fluid a couple of times and I replaced the serpentine belt for the second time at 98k.

the noise in the audio makes me think i'd better tear it apart right away, but can anyone tell me for sure what it is and what other parts I should replace while i'm in there, etc. If you think it's the chain tensioners, can i do just the uppers or is it recommended to do the lowers too. lowers complicate the job quite a bit, No?

what about special tools and thoughts on these kits.

much appreciated, geoff in ct