So its been months since I bought my Miller Dynasty185 and I haven't got to use it yet until today. I probably haven't tig welded in well over a year, so I was a little rusty at first... started getting the machine/gas dialed in and getting some hand control back :lol:

My first fab was my new catch can. So far in my experience I've found that air filter material is excellent medium to separate and condense oil vapor, so that is my foundation for this can.

I decided to do a closed system, reroute back into the intake. I run an open system on my other car and I wanted to try it this way with the filter medium to see how it does, want to try and keep my engine bay clean as possible from oil vapor.

My very first weld with the new machine. Ehh, It could be worse... keep in mind I did zero practice before getting started, I don't have any scrap material.

On to the can....
This is my baffle support

The filter medium, right side is the in ports, left side is the out port segregated.

I did a terrible job matching the baffle support with the jig saw is very weak...a brake shear would of came in handy here, but either way its not a big deal as its really only to support the filter medium.

Used -8an ports, two in and one out.

Used a drain plug in the bottom corner

Some better welds coming along, getting a little steadier.

...and finished

Here is my mock up engine bay. Still need to fab the battery tray and support to hold the catch can. UICP and intake will be next on the list, just trying to sort everything out.
I'll be using a Braille B2317 battery, its one of the largest 'mini' batteries if you can even call it that anymore :lol:

Thanks for looking, this is my first fab for my Evo :mitsu: