VWVortex.com - '07 Gti DD/occasional HPDE day-Brake pads sugg.?
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    Thread: '07 Gti DD/occasional HPDE day-Brake pads sugg.?

    1. 03-25-2012 04:04 AM #1
      My friend Jayson just completed his first HPDE on his '07 Gti, tune, shocks/springs, stock wheels surely needs some better braking.
      Fluid and some pads.
      He'll be doing A LOT of mainly DD duty so they need to be quiet/clean'ish but handle the heat of a 20min DE session.
      I haven't used many "street/track" perf. pads other than from borrowed autoX cars and some HPS's I had on a beater '94 Escort GT. I'm usually buying Hawk blue/PCF01's/R4's etc..

      Pretty heavy car but I feel there's going to be some decent improvements w. a nice pad and some better rated fluid.


    2. 03-25-2012 06:58 AM #2
      I Just got some Hawk HP plus pads, a friend that does more track time than me said they work great.
      I have used mintex red, ebc green's, and my fav Hawk blues!

    3. Semi-n00b PPT's Avatar
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      03-25-2012 02:22 PM #3
      I would say HP+. Blues will be very agressive on the rotors when they are cold. I ran blues on a MKIV Jetta for a summer and had metal deposited in the clear on the sides of the car. Great at the track but also very noisy on the street.

    4. 03-25-2012 06:00 PM #4
      Thank guys.. I think HP+ are probably his best bet!
      I had Blues on my Spec Miata.. They were pure metal on metal sounding when they were cold! Def, a track only pad there! Porterfield R4's w. the Kevlar blend were great on track and around town on my S2000. Although I did get a bad batch of rears and turned them into charcoal in 2 track sessions. Porterfield sent me a new set free when I emailed them the photo of mine! Scary snap oversteer under braking!

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