So I have a 2002.5 jetta gli with the 2.8l 24 valve vr6. So I just got done rebuilding my tranny and doing timing chains 2 days ago. The car is running great but last night it was idling and it just shut off on me for no reason like someone turned the key off on me. So I went to start the car and it just turned over would not fire so I let it sit for a few and it fierd right up lol and runs for about 2 to 3 minutes and dose the same thing and it blows my mind I can't figure it out at all for the life of me.. so I have been playing with it fin ally I got a check engine for secondary air injection system I think my air pump is dead beacuse its not kicking on at all. But will that make the car shut off ??? Or world the Egr valve make the car just shut down?? It's weird beacuse the car runs like a top the shuts off it doesn't idle bad then die its like someone turned the key off... So if any one could help that would be great