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    Thread: For Trade: 2012 Jetta DSG w/Premium

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      Jan 28th, 2012
      2012 Jetta TDI (Sold), 2006 Elantra GT
      03-26-2012 08:15 PM #1
      **Edit: I am now selling the car outright. I will be putting the car up for sale on Ebay for $23,000 including the 5 year extended warranty or $22,500 without the warranty starting in May. If you would like to buy it ahead of time or reserve it, please send me a Private Message

      About my Jetta:

      2012 Jetta TDI DSG w/Premium and Protection Package
      Original Sticker Price: $26,973
      Selling Price: $22,000-$23,000
      Interior Color: Black
      Exterior Color: Platinum Grey
      Mileage: Currently 4,000 (projected to be 5,000 in May)
      Exterior: Clean, no damage
      Interior: Clean, no damage
      Accidents: None / clean title
      Upgrades: Silver trimmed lower grill, Summer Mats (unused), Winter Mats, mud guards, Monster mats.
      Storage: Garage Kept
      Extended Warranty: Warranty extended to 5 Years/68,000 miles, Electronics Warranty Extended to 5 Years (both are transferrable)

      There is nothing wrong with the car. I am trading purely for the sake of getting a new car that has more hauling space.

      I will still accept good trade offers for the following models (2011 or newer): JSW TDI DSG, 4 Door Golf TDI DSG. I will accept offers that are more expensive than my current car is worth.

      Dealers: It is okay to contact me about lightly used cars with less than 6,000 miles. Or new cars that have significant price reductions (within 100 miles of 19087).

      For any questions, Add a post to this thread.

      Updated Pictures, These were taken 04/08/2012:

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      Jan 28th, 2012
      2012 Jetta TDI (Sold), 2006 Elantra GT
      04-08-2012 05:27 PM #2

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