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    Thread: Need to sell asap. 2003 VW Golf 105k miles. Open to offers.

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      2003 vw golf 2.slo
      03-27-2012 04:47 PM #1
      2003 VW Golf GLS AUTOMATIC

      I bought the car from a Darcars Nissan dealership in April of 2008 with 64,722 miles. According to the salesman, it was traded in by an elderly couple for a new Altima and just the week before. Since then I have regularly maintained the vehicle at a local vw shop. I have reciepts for just about all the work that has been done to the vehicle and am willing to provide it.

      - all oil changes have been done with synthetic oil.
      - tires around 80% tread left.
      - waterpump and timing belt changed less than a year ago at 95k miles.
      - replaced coolant thermostat, o-ring, sensor at 71k miles.
      - battery and alternator replaced in 2010.
      - brakes were last changed in 2009.

      The car will come with two set of wheels. I have the original wheels with about 80% thread on it now since they were used as winter wheels. I also have creme white staggered sawblades that may have one more season in them.

      Car has been my daily since day one but has been babied. No engine mods have been done only cosmetic changes. I have bought an older toyota so I am forced to sell the golf asap.

      - fk streetlines installed last summer.
      - roof rack with keys.
      -oem 20th front valence.
      -cream white corvette sawblades 17 x 8.5 w/ 205/45 Falken 512s and 17 x 9.5 w/ 215/45 Falken 512 with adaptors

      As stated before the car was my daily so it is not in immaculate condition but it is in good condition. There are a couple scratches here and there. The rear valence is bent in and there are a couple scratches on the rear bumber due to a minor accident.

      As commonly found in the mkiv, the car will probably need a new coil pack soon. About a month ago we had a huge thunderstorm overnight. When I went to start it, the car had a rough idle and the po302 code. I cut it off and came back about an hour later and it started just fine. It has not done it again since but I would recommend changing the coil pack soon.

      My original plan was to put everything back to stock and sell it on craigslist but I figured to post on here to save the time of selling the extras seperate. I am asking for $4800 but am willing to negotiate with a reasonable buyer. I need to sell the car soon so don't be afraid to offer, the worst that can happen is a no. As always, car is sold as is.

      I am in Silver Spring, 20904. You can contact me through here or through my email/cell phone. Text or calls are fine.


      I will take current pictures within the next 48 hours but I have provided some from over the years.

      About a year after I bought it.

      photo by 32levels, on Flickr

      Damage done by the minor accident as described above.

      photo by 32levels, on Flickr

      As of last summer.

      Photo3 by 32levels, on Flickr

      Photo2 by 32levels, on Flickr

      Photo4 by 32levels, on Flickr

      photo 1 by 32levels, on Flickr

      photo 2 by 32levels, on Flickr

      photo 5 by 32levels, on Flickr

      photo 4 by 32levels, on Flickr

      photo 3 by 32levels, on Flickr
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