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    Thread: Do you have a "back up" older computer at home?

    1. Geriatric Member BRealistic's Avatar
      Join Date
      Dec 16th, 2005
      88 F150, 04 RX8, 96 T&C LXi
      03-29-2012 02:30 AM #1
      I originally thought I was going to give my old PC away when I got my new one a few years ago.. but then I had a virus issue and the old computer helped me get info and drivers off the internet. so I decided to keep it as a back up, and I have watched for dirt cheap upgrade parts for it (for fun).

      Keeping a back up old computer seems logical, but then giving it to somebody that needs A computer also seems logical.
      Anybody else do this?
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    2. Member Minker17's Avatar
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      Apr 1st, 2004
      Franklin, TN
      1994 Ford Temp GL
      03-29-2012 08:38 AM #2
      I have a NAS that I backup all my pictures and documents to. This then backs up to a connected external hard drive. I know, ideally, it would backup to a cloud somewhere, but I haven't done that.
      1994 Ford Tempo GL

    3. 03-29-2012 10:02 AM #3
      Yes, I have an older computer that I don't use to act as a spare in case my main computer has some sort of hardware failure. And I do (not frequent enough) backups to a removable I store off-site.

    4. n00b
      Join Date
      Mar 29th, 2012
      03-29-2012 10:58 AM #4
      I use one of my desktop computers for back-up media storage. I keep all my picture files, important docs, etc. stored on there to free up the space in my laptop. But don't worry I'm also backed up in a few other hard drives. No use putting all your eggs in one basket.

      What I like about having it as a media computer, is that I can hook it up to the TV and use Google TV to watch video and Netflix. No need for cable.

    5. Member bora.the.explora's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 13th, 2005
      bay area, california
      13 abarth//90 325iS//20-speed roadie
      03-29-2012 11:36 AM #5
      I've got a desktop and a notebook that aren't hooked up. they're just sitting around with one or two things wrong with them but otherwise functional. I have another notebook that I have as a print and file server, too. I guess I can use any of those if anything goes wrong with my main notebook or desktop. also, it's a good idea to backup your files off-site. maybe use a $30 pogoplug at a friend's or relative's place.

    6. Member PhReE's Avatar
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      Sep 16th, 2004
      Taylorsville, UT
      2004 Turbo VR6
      03-30-2012 12:42 PM #6
      Well I have my work laptop, but no, I do not keep a backup pc. If my computer breaks... I fix it. Simple enough.
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    7. 03-31-2012 10:09 AM #7
      I had a boot drive problem on the main PC. Took out the drive, connected it to the backup computer and scandisk. It repaired some corrupt files and directories.

    8. Member Power5's Avatar
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      Jun 19th, 2001
      Cincinnati, Ohio
      '17 Scat Pack Manuel / '01 Camaro SS Manuel
      03-31-2012 10:58 AM #8
      I have 4 computers and a new 1900 poweredge server so I have backups if my main goes bad.

    9. Member
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      Feb 11th, 2009
      Lewiston, Maine
      2017 Hyundai Elantra SE
      03-31-2012 01:39 PM #9
      Quote Originally Posted by Power5 View Post
      I have 4 computers and a new 1900 poweredge server so I have backups if my main goes bad.
      I have three desktops, plugged in, a laptop and an NAS server. Plus, 2 older Dells that I'm trying to give away to someone who needs a PC and and a 2500+ Barton core that's retired. Yeh, I guess I have a backup pc...or six.
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