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    Thread: A few questions for new potential buyer.

    1. Junior Member creativejetta's Avatar
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      Oct 17th, 2009
      2010 Mocha Passat
      03-29-2012 03:04 AM #1
      Hi all,
      I currently drive a B6 Passat and will be coming into a situation job wise where I can get an A6 sooner than expected. I am looking at getting the Prestige Trim, with Driver assistance, cold weather, and black head liner added to a nougat brown interior. I test drove a prestige a few days ago and...Holy hell, I though my Passat was nice, there is so much to play with in that damn thing.
      Anyways, was wondering if anyone has gotten a 2012 model and what they think of it. I only went for a short test drive and didn't get to fully throw the car around and test just how good it handles, will go for a second one soon and see if drives as a European German car should.
      So really just wondering what others think of it and if all the bells and whistles are worth it. The pre sense seems cool but wondering if it gets false positives on occasion due to how dynamic traffic/humans can be at driving around me. Anyways have a few questions:

      Does the pre sense plus system really work as it states? Unclear if in America it is allowed to engage brakes into ABS or even force car to a complete stop (not that anyone should ever need to rely on this, maybe distracted by all the freaking cool toys inside??)

      Only one free maintenance check at 5k. Does it have a schedule? What’s the cost, as I am pretty religious about those as I have heard with cars like these it can vastly improve life span and cost to own? I manually change oil every 5k on high grade synthetic oil in the Passat right now (recommends every 10k).

      I see the 50k warranty; does Audi offer an upgrade to 100k? (cost?) My Volk only has a 35k and is the one thing I hate about it. Freaking JapCrap offers more than that as standard.

      What’s the life span on Nav systems, my brother told me they break a lot though I think he was basing that on older ones. As it gets older, will the LCD exhibit burn in?

      Audi Connect? Worth it? I live in Salem Oregon and usually don’t need a nav system that advanced.

      Following care schedule how long do most newer Audi cars last/ known to have expensive fixes?

      Anyways, sorry for the long message, any help is appreciated for this potential new Audi fan for life.
      Will post pics if I end up buying it, might be a couple months as I will have them order and ship exactly what I want.
      It's not an oil leak, It's sweat from all the horse power.

    2. 04-04-2012 11:01 PM #2
      I got into a similar situation as you, but not as great as you put it, so only the 2.0t Premium Plus was within reach... and trust me, coming from a B7 Passat, even the 2.0t PP was a totally different league as well....

      Now... for the few days of snow that we get in NJ, I was willing to forfeit the quattro... and not to mention, the 2.0t has plenty of pep to move this car.... from what I understand, it is lighter than the outgoing A6 and as well as our B6 Passat... so needless to say, the 2.0t is giving me an average of about 35 mpg!!!!!!! I can't believe it .... i obviously have been taking it easy on the throttle..... still breaking in....

      I can only speak of the options within the 2.0t PP so I don't have pre sense, or adaptive xenons, or adaptive cruise, don't have smart access... what I do have is the MMI with 3g hotspot, side assist, winter package, xenon with LED DRLs, nougat brown interior(my first choice and absolutely loving it... makes the car look like worth thousands more), Moonlight blue metallic exterior... I love it!!!!

      As far as maintenance go, I plan to do all the maintenance myself.... even the first one... I just don't trust any mechanic... I have a VCDS from Ross Tech (Vag Com) so no sweat.... yes Audi's and VWs are problematic.... but where is the fun in driving an Acura or Lexus??

    3. 05-12-2012 09:49 AM #3
      I've had my C7 over 10 months and 7000 miles. Prestige, non-sport, no driver assist, so I can't comment on its operation.

      The car feels more powerfull than specs would indicate. It hasn't lost composure in any of the harder driving I've done. Electronic steering is a little too easyand dosen't offer much (any?) feedback, but after driving a C6-A6 with firm steering, I prefer my C7 for dialy driving.

      I am uncomfortable with 10,000 oil change intervals, so I plan on additional change outs at 5k. I have an oil extractor, so I may do it myself using VW approved oils.

      I had a bad experience with purchasing an extended warranty on my 2011 A5. I traded it in after 6 months and when I tried to get my refund from the dealer I called AoA to determine status they informed me they did not offer extended warrantys while the dealer told me I was buying an Audi warranty. When I finally got my refund I received about 30 cents on the dollar after 6 months and 5000 miles. I'll never buy from a Sonic dealership again.

      I can really speak to relaibility of the C7 other I haven't had issues so far. I had a 2001 4.2 A6 for 130,000 miles and the only unscheduled issues I had was a torn CV boot and the accessory belt tensioner failed.

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