I just picked this car up today. I bought it to sell it. It has had all of its required service. Just got its 2nd timing belt. It has 121K miles on it now. The guy was really anal about it apparently, I have reciepts. So the car runs like a top and everything works.

Heres where the story takes a turn for the worse (not to bad), his mother aquired the car from him and kind of let it go to ****. Her dog apparently liked the leather as he had chewed it in a couple of spots. The interior has been neglected. Its cleaning up pretty well though so far (Im still cleaning it up). Ill post mad pics of the interior. It has another issue that Ive noticed too, the ac stays on. cant change the temp or turn it off. I may just throw a module in it to see if it fixes it. Exterior doesnt look that bad. Im gonna rub on her a little as I dive into fixing it up.

Im gonna start fixing it up tomorrow so I dont know what condition the car will be in but it is for sale now. Id take $5700 or so for it as is. As stuff get done price will change.

Im uploading pics, and will post as soon as they are done.

Hit me up if you have any questions 317-938-3450