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    Thread: New TB New TPS still f**ked

    1. 03-30-2012 12:14 AM #1
      okay i just replaced the TB and Throttle positioning sensor cuz thats what i was getting codes for but they are still there. i checked the wires to the o2 sensors they are fine. changed the o2 sensors didnt do anything. when i go to engine readiness almost everything is failed except AC and EGR.
      i am thinking its the ECU but i want opinions before i go to VW to get them to re-code the used one i bought.

      18039 - Accelerator Position Sensor
      18042 - Accelerator Position Sensor 2
      17581 - Angle Sensor 2 for Throttle Actuator
      17987 - Throttle Actuator

      01314 - Engine Control Module (pease check fault codes)

      01314 - Engine Control Module (no communications)

      central conv.
      (there are a bunch of window regulator codes in there and door module codes but all the windows and doors work fine.)
      but this one i thought was weird cuz i dont have heated mirrors..
      00943 - Heated Exterior Mirror

      please someone help i am about to just get the new ECU remapped and if that doesnt work sell it as it i donno wtf is going on.

      P.S. when it says check ECM fault codes. that just means check engine fault codes ya?
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      03-30-2012 10:08 AM #2
      You need to post a full Auto-Scan:

      Make sure you are using the latest version of VCDS as well:


      Once a full Auto-Scan is posted, we will dig in and try to help you resolve this.
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      03-30-2012 10:42 AM #3
      I think I have your answer but need an auto scan first.
      Good luck

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