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    Thread: my 1995 golf syncro track car build. need help

    1. Member boner's Avatar
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      May 18th, 2002
      95 golf race car, 15 highlander
      03-30-2012 06:41 PM #1
      didn't know this forum was around!

      at any rate, i found it now. I'm currently building and really wanna finish soon (16 months now!) my track car. it started life as a street racing POS mk3 CL that had some fairly serious rust issues on the floor. but i bought because it had an ABA 16v turbo running on standalone and and o2a with peloquin. of course, long project being long projects, everything but the engine and shell have been sold

      picked up a syncro drivetrain a few months ago on a whim which then completely ruined any hope of getting out to the track by next month!!!!

      i've now gotten the drivetrain in and only have one bracket left to fabricate and then i'm on to the last major fabrication hurdle. the fuel system.

      I was generously given a fuel cell that was originally in another mk3 golf and fit nicely in that. problem is that in my car, the rear diff now gets in the way. so, i have 2 possible spots to put this and would like some input as to which would be better, in the opinion of more experienced people than myself. Either behind or on top of the rear diff?

      here are the pics to show the problem....

      behind and in the floor

      on top of the rear diff

      i understand the performance benefits and penalties of either placement but my main concern is the safety aspect, then the "constructability" of it all.

      I would prefer to put it behind the diff and under the floor in order to have a nice firewall between me and it but because of the diff, it gets pushed quite far back and my mind is full of pinto accident video. not helping matters is that the majority of it would sit below the rear bumper bar (if i had one). so really, it's quite exposed out there unless i stuff a buttload of metal behind it.

      am i being paranoid about this?

      on top of the rear diff is obviously better from that standpoint but then i have to deal with a much more intricate assembly for the enclosure to comply with the rules... plus i can see filling being a PITA thanks to where the filler would be.

      i've looked around and it would seem that buying a different, reasonably priced fuel cell will not help me as an 8gal one is 17" x 17". 17" is the depth of the one i have. the only way to reduce that is to go to a 5gal tank, which i feel is probably a bit too small. so, short of spending mucho dineros on a custom sized fuel bladder, it's probably for the best that I use the cell I have.

      after all of that, which setup do you guys think will be the better one to use?

      thanks for the help

      EDIT: this year will be about getting all the bugs worked out and then next year i'll start on time attack, then on to full on GT racing.... if that helps getting an answer

    2. Member
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      Feb 19th, 2009
      LI, NY
      2004 Audi S4, 1996 24v VR6 GTI, 1983 Rabbit
      04-02-2012 09:54 AM #2
      sheet metal inclosure i'd say, think of it like the back of a mk3 jetta. Deff will be the safest and some nice weight with over the rear suspension. As for the filler just route a filler tube to the quarter like the vwm kit car has, then you just fill from the outside nice and easy!!

    3. 04-04-2012 01:27 PM #3
      That fuel cell is a bit old and not exactly well made, if ur gonna put that in the car u are going to want some structure around it. Btw the syncro drivetrain isnt exactly track worthy equipment, especially if your gonna run alot of power. Axles will be a concern if your gonna track it for real.

    4. Member -RalleyTuned-'s Avatar
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      Nov 17th, 2008
      East of the Mountains, WA
      77' Rabbit 16v, '98 A4 Avant, '07 A3 S-Line
      05-01-2012 01:29 PM #4
      Not only that but the way the syncro works will be very hard on front tires, keep in mind that the syncro transmission can only hold around 300ft/lbs before you will start sheering gears in stock configuration.

      Good luck with the build though, will be a fun car either way!

    5. Semi-n00b andrewmartinee's Avatar
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      Jun 1st, 2012
      hyundai turbo
      06-02-2012 06:14 PM #5
      Your thoughts are good but as per my opinion you should buy new car instead of this car because modify process are may be very expensive and also maintenance expenses are very high so you should buy new car and never faced any major problem coming 2-3 years. It is safe for drive.

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