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    Thread: im a noob and i have a noob question

    1. 03-31-2012 01:35 AM #1
      building a turbo R out of the us, its hard to find parts and manuals and bla blah blah, i can not find a software that works for me, but the real question is, i saw one member here selling a software for a vr6 24 valves turbo, all the deletes and immo defeated, since both engines are similar, this will work in my R yes or no?

      sellers claim as the sofware is a c2 630cc , i talk to him about the mods and we both have the same type of mods but diferent brands,

      and i know what some of u will say, WHY U DONT BUY A SPECIFIC SOFTWARE FOR UR R32 WITH A TUNNER, the answer is i dont have all that money and my ecu is fried.

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      Feb 23rd, 2012
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      04-02-2012 11:14 PM #4
      no idea... i've never seen this thread you are talking of.

      how do you plan on flashing software to a fried ecu? and what did you do to 'fry' it.

      you are going to need a new ecu to start with...

    5. 04-03-2012 08:29 PM #5
      i never mentioned an specific thread, i think u missunderstood what i was saying, my question is can i use somebody else ecu in my r32 turbo, the ecu that i plan to use is from a vr6 24 valves turbo, with the same mods as mine r32,
      and for my ecu i dojnt know how it fried, dealer told me.

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      04-04-2012 07:59 AM #6
      I think you need to invest in a new ECU specific to the car and send your ECU to Unitronic for them to flash.
      Not cheap but pay once and enjoy.

    7. Banner Advertiser nothing-leaves-stock's Avatar
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      a few.
      04-09-2012 08:20 AM #7
      just call C2motorsports and they will sell you what you need to fit your car and goals
      NLS's full line of parts on our online store!
      Email us at 5780 Main St. Center Valley PA 18034 610 282 5487

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      04-10-2012 08:28 AM #8
      I have an ECU that I soldered a plug n play style pin adapter into the board so that I can just send the chip in to have flashed like EIP used to use. I currently have a C2 500 software chip in this ECU, I am in Japan right now but I will be back in about 60 ish days. If you are interested please let me know and I also have tons almost a complete turbo setup for an R32 I am willing to part with. Let me know if you are interested but like I said I won't be able to do much until I get back to the states. I will be living in Mass and all the parts are in Maine.

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