VWVortex.com - Can i use mk2 prop shaft in mk3 syncro setup?
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    Thread: Can i use mk2 prop shaft in mk3 syncro setup?

    1. Member Cry0's Avatar
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      Nov 27th, 2005
      Saint-Peterburg, Russia
      '87 mk2 syncro 3d
      04-01-2012 04:22 PM #1
      I'm swapping vr6 syncro to mk2 syncro shell, and the question is can i use mk2 propshaft instead of mk3? Mk2 shaft is made from 3 pieces and the are mounting points for it and mk3 shaft is made of 2 parts and i dont know how mo mount it to the car( Any help appreciated.

    2. Member d-bot's Avatar
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      Sep 6th, 2004
      S1 Storm 20vSC-AWD, 93 Corrado VR6
      04-05-2012 01:24 PM #2
      Yes, if the shoe fits wear it. I never have seen a mk3 syncro system but the B3 and B4 systems had 3 piece prop shafts. I say use the original prop shafts as long as they fit up to the front and rear flanges which they should.

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