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    Thread: Tiptronic ATF/Oil change - 2008 Jetta

    1. 04-02-2012 02:02 PM #1
      Hey all,

      I've been doing some research on an upcoming Tiptronic ATF/Oil change. I've found the following how-to and had some questions for those of you who've tackled the job.


      I'm a little unclear on the fill process. Is there no fill port on this transmission at the side or top? If filling from the bottom I'm assuming I pump in the required amount of transmission fluid (3 litres) via the tool they have listed then pop back in the drain plug quickly. Is that about right? Do I really need to leave the tool in and plug it while I start the engine and shift in to all the gears for 10 seconds. Can't I just throw in three litres in put the plug in start it and shift into gear to cycle the fluid then pull the plug to drain the over fill with the engine running?

      I plan on purchasing this kit from Blau Parts to perform the maintenance:
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      04-03-2012 07:45 AM #2
      assuming your unit is the 09G (doesn't say "DSG" on the shifter knob) than you have it right...mostly. There are three possible ways to fill this unit, but the most common is by using the tool in the bottom of the pan. It is actually very easy, but a pain in the ass because it is so slow. Here is the gist of it.

      - Remove the drain plug with correct allen socket (5-5.5 millimeter?), these are usually very tight so be ready for that and make sure that you use a tight allen bit socket or you WILL round it out and make things expontially more difficult to fill.

      -Once the plug is removed, using the same size allen wrench/socket remove the dip tube, which is up in the bore. (All threads are normal thread (right handed)). It will likely be brown/grey in color. Now the fluid will all drain out.

      - Once the fluid stops draining, remove the pan. I would put the plug in finger tight to prevent making a mess.

      - Clean out the pan and remove and wipe clean the two magnets in the pan. These will have a rather large amount of goop on them, this is normal. Look for copper or silver metal fleck/flakes in the pan during this time. Some is expected but a significant amount is worrisome.

      - Remove the screen (filter) and install the new one, making sure the cork gaskets are present. Torque to spec (95-100 in-lbs).

      _ Verify that the two magnets are placed back the pans and then, with new gasket and spacers installed as well as sealing surface on trans wiped clean with a clean, lint-free rag. Install pan and lightly snug it up and then torque the bolts to 65 in-lbs. Alternating from one bolt to that opposite it to assure even tighteing of the pan.

      - Install the brown/grey dip tube and ONLY snug it up as it is plastic. SNUG SNUG SNUG

      - Install tool hand SNUG and sttach a hose long enough reach at least to the level of the battery top. I would run it down through the space next to the battery to make it easier. Attach a cap from a gear lube bottle or equivalent so that you can invert a bottle of fluid and squeeze it down into the transmission as gravity feed will take even longer. Add 1 bottle of Lubegard Platinum (Napa or CarQuest, $18) and 3 qts. of Dexron VI (I use Valvoline, but any brand works). This combination is an alternative to the overpriced VW fluid. Safe to use and adds more anti-oxidants than VW's vendor.

      - Leaving the tools and line attached (assuming it doesn't hit the ground when you lower the car), start the car and with your foot on the brake, put the car in reverse (5 sec.), N, D (5 sec), N, R (5 sec), P. Squeeze under level car (it being on the ground is level enough unless you have some odd suspension add-on), with it running (in park with wheels chocked it necessary, would hate to hear you got run over) and the pan warm/hot to the touch (not too hot to touch, there is an ideal temperature to check the fluid but I don't have that range right now, but overfilling this unit slightly is better than underfilling) remove the tool. Does fluid run out or just drip once in a while? If it runs out than let it run out until it just starts to drip about 1-2 drops/second and then re-install the drain plug and tighten up as you would a normal drain plug. If it doesn't drip out, re-install tool and add another 0.5 -1 qt. Dexron VI and repeat the shift sequence and check above. If the trans get's too hot, you will have to let it cool down to just being warm as this will lead to an underfill when cold.

      - All done! Test drive the car a make sure all is well.

      if you have more questions or if I am confusing somewhere, let me know.


    3. 04-03-2012 09:07 AM #3
      Nope that about does it I think. Thank you for the clarification. I plan to buy that Blau parts kit which actually includes a little hand pump to help quicken the fill process.
      1998 GTi Vr6 Turbo Tornado Red

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      06-01-2012 07:18 PM #4
      there was no pump in my blauparts kit i just purchased, harbor freight i am coming, trying to make the filler from a bolt, $20 for the AST piece is one thing but i resent the ream job on shipping another $13 for something that a buck will ship USPS, they say we only use UPS or FEDEX, i say its up mine, use the postal service, UPS + FEDEX are OVERPRICED especially on small items!!

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      06-16-2012 12:43 PM #5
      i found the T-55 plug i seen posted elsewhere, than i checked my 01 TT manual,these trannies were used earlier in audi cars, sure enough a nice pic and it says to fill via this plug, no 6262-2 tool required, the harbor freight pump with reducing fitting on end, included in kit worked perfectly

    6. 10-15-2016 08:23 PM #6
      the transmission only holds 3 quarts? i thought it was 6 quarts according to vw?

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