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    Thread: VW of Santa Cruz. Another service horror story:

    1. 04-02-2012 03:21 PM #1
      NOTE: also posted under MKV R32
      Using the forum to vent and get some opinion before I go murder the service guy at my local dealership.
      Got 40k service done on my 08 R32 (blue one with bike racks and Santa Cruz stickers ), not a mention about the recall on the DSG - got DSG serviced, and it was suggested to do the haldex service.
      I agreed to cough up $780 total for:

      DSG service
      platinum spark plugs
      oil & filter change
      pollen filter change
      inspections & checkup
      ECU diagnostics (all clear, never had check engine light)

      I have been driving the car around town mainly, longest trip would have been 40 miles. Put on about 1000 miles or less since the service on the car.
      Last weekend decided to drive south from Santa Cruz CA to San Luis Obispo CA. about 160 mile trip.

      Everything was smooth and perfect until mile 100 of the trip in Middle of nowhere CA. At 70MPH I felt a strong hesitation from the rear wheels, followed by noise and bumpiness.
      Pulled over, and immediately smelled like burned tranny oil. The car rolls, but makes a horrible sound from underneath, no check engine light.

      Got towed into San Luis Obispo by my insurance company to a dealership they thought was a VW dealership - WRONG. generic dealership.

      After the weekend I called VW road side and explained what happened. They suggested to tow me to Santa Barbara VW - that's about another 100 miles south.
      I said hell no, don't want to go to santa barbara. I suggested Salinas Cardinale VW. They said they'll only be able to cover part of that tow up and I'd have to cover the rest.
      Its just the guy taking phone calls so I let it slide, and coughed up $150 to get towed north bound (closer to my hometown Santa Cruz) to Salinas.

      Car is getting checked out now in Salinas, I heard theyre a reputable dealership. I'm just wondering how could the service guy (obviously the symptoms and the fact that the car was recently serviced and drove for 40k no problem leads me to believe the service guy screwed things up) have screwed up so bad? wrong fluid? didnt put the cap on tight enough?

      Gonna let Salinas Handle the issue and then I'll go to santa cruz and see what they can do for me. I'm not leaving until I at least get refunded my $150 I spent on that tow to Salinas.

      Yet Another horror story from Santa Cruz VW.

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      04-02-2012 04:12 PM #2
      you dont know what happened yet. this post is uncalled for.

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      04-02-2012 04:25 PM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by thadoggfather View Post
      Yet Another horror story from Santa Cruz VW.
      Yeah, I can see your frustration, but I'd wait before making a claim like this.

      I am sorry about the car and hope everything gets worked out
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