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    Thread: 19" Falken Torque 5 Chrome Wheels with Dunlop Tires

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      Feb 23rd, 2012
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      04-02-2012 05:16 PM #1
      I am selling my 19" Falken Torque 5 chrome rims and Dunlop tires. These two items were kept in great condition. I regularly clean the wheels to keep their shine and never drove hard on the tires. These rims were taken off during the winter to avoid road salt from ruining them. The only flaw the rims have is that one of the wheels has a small scuff on the rim, smaller than the size of a pea. The wheels also come with chrome lug nuts and chrome security lug nuts. The tires have less than four thousand miles on them. I couldn't tell you for sure what percentage is left on the tires but I don't take hard turns or try to do bun outs. I have center caps for the wheels but they are color matched to my xB. They are easy to sand and paint or you can always buy new center caps that have the logo of your cars manufacturer . For the condition of these two items I think $900 is a fair price, but if you have your own offer the worst I can do is say no thanks.

      For more high quality pictures click on these two links. The first link is for the wheels themselves and the second is the rims on my xB.

      Chrome Falken Torque 5 Wheels
      19" x 7.5" Wheel Size
      4 x 100/4 x 114.3 Bolt Pattern
      + 42mm Offset
      73.2mm Center Bore

      Dunlop Tires

      Phone: 913-623-2229

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      Feb 23rd, 2012
      Phoenix, AZ
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