Hey whats up fellow drivers,i'm a big time German car enthusiast.In the past I've owned 2 bmw e30's,mkv3 gti,1989 audi 90,b5 a4 2.8 quattro,and currently i own a b6 a4 1.8t quattro ultrasport.
Now im in the market for a new car i wanna sell my usp,so i was gonna wait for the new a3 sedan to come out,but thats too long of a wait for me,so im liking the new vw gli,but some issues im having.Do you think its considered an upgrade or downgrade?I did alot of reserch on the gli and looks like alot of thing i have on thw audi i will miss like:rear fog lights,dim mirror,xenon lights,coming home/leaving home lights and some other things.Does anybody have any opinions,facts,help for me?Thanks,long time reader first time writing.