I picked up an 88 gli a few weeks back and it takes a couple of cranks and sometimes a few pumps of the gas to get it to start. Sometimes itll crank right over but then dies right out.

This happens no matter if the car is hot or cold, has sat for awhile or hasnt. Once it starts it idles rough unless you hold the gas for a few seconds. Besides that it runs 100% fine and after it starts idling fine the idle is perfect. Its just rough right upon start up.

Ive upgraded the battery cables to mk4 cables. Ive checked the ground and cleaned them up somewhat. The ISV works fine and ive checked the idle screw on the TB and adjusted that.

Ive unplugged the CTS while its running to see if it effects the idle and it causes it to idle differently almost starts to die out.

Anyone have any suggestions? Fuel pump possibly? Stuck flapper? Im very unfamiliar with CIS and 16v but I have a general understanding of how it all works.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.