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    Thread: FS: 1997 Audi A4 1.8TQMS-Full records, properly modded.

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      04-03-2012 11:44 AM #1
      I never thought this time would come, but here it is.

      This is essentially a feeler at this point; if I don't get what I want for the car I will keep it, no problem.

      The basics:

      1997 Audi A4 1.8T Sport (2871R tuned by AST)
      Aluminum Silver
      Original Sport cloth seats in great shape
      Manual (5 speed)
      Oil changes with Motul full syn. every 5000-7500kms
      Rust sprayed with Krown since I've owned it

      I am technically the 3rd owner. The first was Audi as this vehicle was a demo until it was purchased by the gentleman I bought it from. I purchased it in December, 2006 with 115,000kms on it.


      All in chronological order.


      -SPR snub mount-March 2007 @ 122,150kms
      -3" ATP testpipe with CEL prevention-June 07 @ 127,000kms
      -eBay short shifter (B&M clone)-December 07 @ 143,000kms
      -034 Stage II turbo setup-June 2012 @ 208,000kms:
      GT2871R eliminator
      034 high flow exhaust manifold
      Genesis 415cc injectors
      Eurodyne Maestro ME5
      VR6 OBDII MAF (3")
      034 Silicone TIP
      Hallman Pro MBC
      -Racetec FMIC/APR throttle body boot-June 2010 @ 208,000kms
      -Valve cover painted black-August 2010 @ 211,000kms
      -3bar FPR-September 2010 @ 211,000kms
      -034 in line fuel pressure gauge-October 2010 @ 215,000kms
      -Blinktek true heat shield-November 2010 @ 216,000kms
      -Forge 004 BOV-December 2010 @ 219,000kms
      -AEM dryflow cone filter-April 2011 @ 226,000kms
      -Wrinkle black IM/coolant hard pipe-May 2011 @ 229,000kms
      -Facelift (clear) coolant expansion tank-May 2011 @ 229,000kms
      -Facelift cowl cover and raintray-June 2011 @ 229,000kms
      -3" turbo back exhaust, stainless, custom, with Magnaflow muffler-July 2011 @ 233,000kms
      -Saikou Michi custom catch can/-AN fittings-February 2012 @ 242,000kms
      -Euro B5 Passat engine bay cover-February 2012 @ 242,000kms
      -034 ICM delete/2.0FSI coil pack upgrade/brackets/coil packs-March 2012 @ 242.000kms
      -Derale power steering cooler (stock SMIC location)-March 2012 @ 242,000kms
      -Southbend stage III clutch/pressure plate/re-machined OEM flywheel-March 2012 @ 243,000kms


      -Stern poly-urethane rear diff carrier mounts-May 09 @ 182,000kms
      -034 track density front strut mounts-May 09 @ 182,000kms
      -ST coilovers (first rendition)-May 09 @ 182,000kms
      -JHM delrin shift bushings-July 09 @ 186,000kms
      -034 motorsport street density tranny mounts (both)-July 09 @ 186,000kms
      -Neuspeed adjustable rear sway bar (19mm)-July 09 @ 186,000kms
      -Poly-urethane rear sway bar bushings with subframe mounts-July 09 @ 186,000kms
      -TRW rear sway bar end links-July 09 @ 186,000kms
      -Stern solid rear diff. mount (power ring)-October 09 @ 191,000kms


      -ECS stainless steel braided lines-July 2007 @ 131,000kms


      -Facelift bumper (with fog brackets) came with the car when I bought it
      -Facelift headlights which came with the car when I bought it, now clear cornered
      -Facelift tail lights-February 2007
      -Stealth auto corner bulbs-October 2007 @ 139,000kms
      -42DD LED license plate bulbs (1 is not working)-March 2008 @ 150,000kms
      -Pre-facelift lower bumper grilles-May 2009 @ 183,000kms
      -Blue aspherical sideview mirror glass-May 2010 @ 208,000kms
      -New front fenders/shaved Audi logo/sidemarkers-June 2010 @ 208,000kms
      -Shaved front bumper-June 2010 @ 208,000kms
      -Entire front bumper, A-pillars, 14" of the hood, fenders, and 6" of the roof were covered with 3M clear vinyl
      -Painted: hood, fenders, front bumper, front doors, rear doors blended-June 2010 @ 208,000kms
      -Front door mid-moulding replaced and painted-June 2010 @ 208,000kms
      -DDM Tuning 55w slim HID ballasts-August 2011 @ 234,000kms
      -Front grille surround painted black with plasti-dip-March 2012 @ 242,000kms


      -Redline Goods perforated black leather shift boot w/ grey stitching-December 2007 @ 144,000kms
      -Superbright interior LED bulbs-April 2008 @ 154,000kms
      -Superbright LED gauge cluster lights/custom white backlight-April 2008 @ 154,000kms
      -Audi Concert radio (from a 98 A4)-July 2008 @ 160,000kms
      -Purple plaid headliner/black microsuede A/B/C pillars-August 2008 @ 163,000kms
      -TWM A6 Leopard shift knob (flat black)-June 2009 @ 185,000kms
      -Podi electronic stepper oil pressure gauge/42DD sender-November 2010 @ 216,000kms
      -Interior door handles done in a brushed finish-November 2010 @ 217,000kms
      -Sunroof console painted black-January 2011 @ 221,000kms
      -S4 interior grab handles-January 2011 @ 221,000kms
      -Black S4 sun visors-March 2011 @ 225,000kms
      -DICE electronics iPod connector-September 2011 @ 236,000kms
      -Podi electronic stepper boost gauge-January 2012 @ 242,000kms


      All in chronological order.

      -Right outer CV boot-January 2005 @ 100,000kms
      -Right rear wheel bearing-January 2005 @ 100,000kms
      -Left driveshaft-January 2005 @ 100,000kms
      -Left rear CV joint/ABS ring-November 2006
      -Left front lower link arm-November 2006
      -Left rear lower link-November 2006
      -Right motor mount-March 2007 @ 122,150kms
      -Oil cooler seal-March 2007 @ 122,150kms
      -Gear oil changed-May 2007 @ 126,000kms
      -Rear diff. seals-July 2007 @ 131,000kms
      -HVAC control module-February 2008 @ 146,000kms
      -Tail light bulbs replaced-March 2008 @ 150,000kms
      -Right rear wheel bearing-March 2008 @ 152,000kms
      -Left rear brake caliper-September 2008 @ 165,000kms
      -Coolant temp. sender-November 2008 @ 171,000kms
      -Right rear wheel bearing-March 2009 @ 178,000kms
      -Left front outer CV boot-March 2009 @ 178,000kms
      -Cabin filter-March 2009 @ 178,000kms
      -Rear diff. seals-April 2009 @ 181,000kms
      -TRW rear brake rotors/Mintex Red Box pads-April 2009 @ 182,000kms
      -Right rear caliper slider boots-April 2009 @ 182,000kms
      -Right rear brake caliper-May 2009 @ 183,000kms
      -ECS headlight repair tabs (pass. side)-July 2009 @ 186,000kms
      -ECS Ultimate timing belt kit: July 2009 @ 186,000kms-
      A/C drive belt
      Timing belt kit/tensioner/roller/idler roller
      Power steering belt
      Alternator belt
      Water pump/bolts
      Timing belt roller
      -Fuel filter-October 2009 @ 192,000kms
      -Water flange/O-ring/bolts-May 2010 @ 208,000kms
      -New windshield-June 2010 @ 208,000kms
      -Secondary washer fluid reservoir delete-October 2012 @ 215,000kms
      -Oil dipstick shroud replaced/painted wrinkle black-November 2010 @ 217,000kms
      -Valve cover gasket/Variable valve timing tensioner gasket-February 2011 @ 223,000kms
      -PCV breather hose fitting/valve-March 2011 @ 223,000kms
      -Power steering cap, washer fluid cap, coolant tank cap replaced-May 2011 @ 228,000kms
      -Wagner thermo-quiet front brake pads-June 2011 @ 230,000kms
      -Upper/lower rad hoses/clamps-October 2011 @ 241,000kms
      -Compressor housing>FMIC 30* silicone elbow-March 2012 @ 242,000kms
      -FMIC support brackets re-done-March 2012 @ 242,000kms
      -Flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts, ball pivot pin, intermediate piece, retaining spring, clutch release lever, release bearing-March 2012 @ 243,000kms
      -Turbo>Downpipe gasket-March 2012 @ 243,000kms
      -Turbo coolant feed line washers replaced-March 2012 @ 243,000kms
      -All front control arms/end links/tie rods (inner/outer) replaced-April 2012 @ 244,000kms
      -Left front outer CV boot replaced-April 2012 @ 244,000kms
      -Front and rear center driveshaft CVs replaced-April 2012 @ 244,000kms

      Obviously, a LOT of time and money has been spent to ensure this car has been maintained over the years. I feel like I have created a very good balance between style, looks, and performance; all while retaining many, if not all of the creature comforts that this vehicle came with from the factory.

      I have every single reciept, price, everything for this vehicle...even the things that were done before I bought it.

      The car currently has 18x8/9 BBS LMs on it, with 215/40 Falken 512s all around. They have been freshly powder coated with a candy copper.

      THE BAD:

      There isn't a lot, but the car is 15 years old and despite my best efforts, small things happen.

      -The front fenders have some minor issues from the ride height (no missing paint, nor rust however)
      -Krown pulled off one of my door trim pieces yesterday, but it will be replaced/painted very shortly
      -The A/C does not work as the lines have been worn through
      -Cruise control does not work, it never has
      -The car will have a new driveshaft support/hanger bearing shortly, as well as all new motor and tranny mounts (stern)

      Overall, this car has to be seen to be appreciated. I'm sure if you've been around any of the local shows/meets in the past few years you have seen this car evolve.

      Here is my build thread:


      Here is my flickr set of the car's progress:


      I will get more pictures up ASAP. For now I wanted to get the ball rolling.

      I have well over $20,000 into this vehicle on top of the purchase price and that is having done 95% of the work myself. There is sentimental value and I appreciate the fact that this does not transfer to a new owner but I will price it at what I feel it's worth. If you would like to buy a less expensive car and modify it as such, you are free to do so.

      So, that being said:

      Price (as is):

      $15,500 with the BBS LM's and Falken tires, I will also include my Boxster calipers/S4 rear calipers/seals, and 96/euro trunk which needs to be painted, and EVERY single spare/extra part I've got, including the stock PCV system, exhaust manifold, a spare bottom end/pistons/rods/forged ABA crank and so much more I don't even know what I have.
      $15,000 with JUST the BBS LM's and falken tires
      $13,500 with the stock winter wheels

      I absolutely will NOT part this vehicle out. If it does not sell I will keep it and continue to sink money into it.

      If you have ANY questions please feel free to ask. My name is Geoff.

      The ONLY pictures I have with the current wheels:

      More to come, thanks for looking!
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