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    Thread: Have Continuity With Everything Off?

    1. Member acee_dub's Avatar
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      04-04-2012 02:42 PM #1
      Hi, I am trying to resolve a problem with my 1998 MK3 GLX (12v VR6) where my new optima red top got drained over a few days of sitting in the garage. The key was out of the car, everything was turned off.

      I have checked that the after run water pump does not receive power continuously after switching off the vehicle as some people have had this occur.

      Need anyone who knows a thing or two about electronics to chime in... How can I isolate the area of the short to correct it?

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      04-05-2012 07:36 PM #3
      You have to remove the battery neg terminal. Use a DMM set to mA and put one probe on the battery's neg terminal and the other on the neg wire (that is not connected to the battery anymore).

      1. What is the stand by current draw?
      1a. Is it over 50mA?
      2. If yes start removing fuses from the fuse box until you see the stand by current drop to a reasonable number (typically 10-20mA).

      Start with common issues (lighting, radio, cig lighter, etc.)

      Are you also certain that your alternator is charging your battery?
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