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    Thread: 95 Jetta loss of power, dying, check engine light code is cam sensor

    1. 04-04-2012 07:04 PM #1
      My 95 Jetta's check engine light came on. It threw the codes for cam (hall) sensor, crank (engine speed) sensor, and mass air flow sensor. It had been having loss of power issues and will die if dropped below 2000 RPM. It will idle roughly but dies if I step on the gas too fast. I changed all the sensors and the check engine light is still on and is only throwing a code for the cam sensor and the other symptoms actually seems to be worse than before I changed all the sensors. I already checked that the timing was on after pulling out the distributor and it is on. I also put a new rotor on and the Distributer cap is still in pretty good shape. My plugs are a little worn out. and I just read about the wires possible being bad. I also read something about he Catalytic converter being bad. The Cat I have on there now is only like 2 years old. Cats are expensive and I'd rather try everything else first. What does it sound like?

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