Im looking to sell my 2000 B5 V6. At least one cat converter is bad and there is a little cosmetic damage on the front passenger side panel. Car starts but wont run due to cat being bad.

Blue anthracite pearl, mint condition black leather, wood grain (chip on shift knob), ASR, 200 watt JVC head unit. shifts incredibly smoothly. 159,039 miles.

Wish I could fix it but I need to take a break from Vw to get myself more financially stable before going back to the brand.

im asking for $2000 just because I want to get rid of it ASAP (need a damage deposit on an apartment by mid may). I bought the car about 6 months ago for 3750 before the cat went bad.

willing to trade for something reliable. also, willing to knock some off in exchange for an english bull terrier puppy (my girlfriend keeps "hounding" me for one)

here are some pics on my google+ account